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The city of London and arrogance-the capital of England is always a big exciting destinations, are present in the agenda of most European tour today.


Located on the banks of the River Thamesviews, London is the largest city in Western Europe with its more than 2,000 years. This will certainly be the goal to explore extremely fun in your day-long trip.

Travel London,London England,European tour, corporate travel,Always present in the list of the points of interest in Europe ‘s most beautiful and most visited of the country capital, London fog has a list of almost endless attractions in the fields of history and culture, art and entertainment celebrity infinity to explore. In it, a list of 10 most famous attractions of London that you can’t miss when given the opportunity here is: Boo the British Museum, The votercann shows Givstainc gia, The votermayexhibit n thinkimproperlycollectingconcentratedt eương t?i Tate, B Saudio L Museumput onch sotherwise Qustainc gia, Observatory Mt London, Boo Science Museumc, Tower of London, Boo h MuseumSaudii Qustainc gia, BSaudi >o the Victoria & Albert Museum, Boo Madame Tussauds. There is also the architecture of the extremely popular with tremendous historical significance such as Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster (houses of Parliament) and Westminster Abbey, the beautiful and famous bridge over the River Thames, the Tower of Big Ben‘s … Special, London was the capital of world music , including contemporary and classical music. Therefore, came to London, you shouldn’t miss the chance to enjoy a night of musical performances with sound and light contemporary infinity at some stage has a large scale such as Earls Court, Wembley Arena, the O2 Arenaand. .. In addition, the same stroll through the bustling streets; once tried playing inhabitants of London while enjoying a cup of coffee in a hurry; or let yourself in the vibrant jazz in the Cafe; yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the night entertainment was also a memorable experience for you upon arrival in London.

To get the full and safe trip with sightseeing schedule calls to most of the famous tourist destination of Europe in General and London in particular, you can look to the corporate travel consultant and pick the best trip. A journey that promises much excitement and attractions are waiting for you and will definitely make you satisfactory.

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