London – magnificent beauty

Many city fog and constant rain has nothing outside the phone booth red or Royal palaces? There is so much, so much that people should live here all my life, seeing everything.

I have an older sister you ever went to London to study under an scholarship. Since the course ended some years ago, in which she also enlist a return visit to London at least once. Times would come, she just in London rather than go elsewhere. So much when she came to London just to lie in the Park … read books to relax.

London - magnificent beauty

Her friend’s feelings with the capital United Kingdom Hearts birth made me curious. I wonder exactly what London suction power must have a formidable new cause she attached to it. The curious thing, with my inherent admiration for British literature and culture has inspired me to London to discover firsthand the beauty of the city.

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And finally, upon arrival in this place, I recognize almost all of what people talk to me about London’s even lost to the present. Skip Gray weather, prices are expensive to hard lives and feelings of loneliness (because his polite but somewhat distant), London is really one of the best destinations in the world. A city with historical and cultural causes anyone to admire and feel fortunate to be once known.

No wonder when referring to London, people keep citing forever’s famous English author Samuel Johnson: “If someone bored London, then IE he has grown tired of living, by all that this life given can all be found in London”.

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Each moment were overwhelmed

I play in London is nine days. There are rainy days, sunny days; There are cold days, warm day; there on fun and unexpected, back on serenity, solitude. But upon his return, whenever someone asks me about London, I feel less confused. The fact that the thickness of the ancient city of culture he made me overwhelmed.

See the structure connects the tail each other on major streets in Trafalgar Square or Piccadilly Circus, I feel like a new man grew within us forest male in Miss international level somehow. She is beautiful, she is beautiful, “each one appears fecal ten ten”, nobody who divides the Bulgarian. Which I believe, behind every beautiful thing is a fascinating story, a story that could have started a long time ago, even before I was born, but I didn’t have enough time to linger, read the story of each sector.

I feel like the travel permission, just knowing the horse rewarded flowers that dare to ask what is the flower name (because there are asking how not to remember everything). And I have the same feelings of “guilt” and dismay y like when surfing through these wonderful works of art in the museums in London: would the National Gallery, Tate Britain, would would National Portrait Gallery … Unless you have another superhuman memory, and it may very well do you also remember the title some notable works of the same author in the priceless art treasures it.

London diversified and attractive it is. People could have lived in London throughout the years, but no one dare say I know enough about the city’s amazing. Get out there, I understand why my friend switch go back to London after ceases.

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