London sightseeing service in floating houses on the Thames

The house is pink, pastel green 8 meters tall, weighed 70 tons was built and completed within 4 months with full modern utilities system.


The guests want floating on the river Thames, London can now step into the newly built dwellings to experience. The house consists of two bedrooms, a living room, work room, front yard yard, kennel and an apple tree. The interior in shades of mustard do grab mainstream.

On the popular excursions will take guests visiting the city landscape in London and many nearby landmarks like Chelsea, Westminster and Canary Wharf.

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Floating house guests’ needs more experience about the city of London. Photo:Airbnb.

Additionally, guests have the opportunity to enjoy spa treatments in-house, cuisine by Chef Robert Ortiz of Lima and Lima Floral restaurant undertook.

If you want to have the opportunity of sailing in the free float, you can participate in the competition is being held for travelers worldwide. You just need to write a letter of 500 words on the desired point to with the reasons for the selection.

While looking out the winner, community activities and overnight services will remain at home longer moored in London.

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