Switzerland – the country developed and prosperity world

Switzerland-country growth and prosperity the world has she lived in a city close to the Swiss-French border. European travel times before to France, she recommended that I should stay for a few days and then the couple she struck lorries through Switzerland played.

Switzerland-country development and prosperity in the world

I have gossip girl living in a city close to the Swiss-French border. Times prior to France, she recommended that I should stay for a few days and then the couple she struck lorries through Switzerland played.

“It is a country worth living in the world,” she just kills it. But due to my schedule to take the Union rather than traveling the dust so I can’t help but make error charming recommendation of her spouse.

Incredibly just two years later, I and a group of journalists followed by tour operators T.j. (Blue Sky Travel) to visit Switzerland at the invitation of tourism in this country.

Great experience and the country has a tiny area (41,285 km2, only about 1/8 Vietnam) began.

Flight of the biggest airline Lufthansa Germany underwent two long transit (Bangkok and Franfurt) new to Zurich, the second largest economic cities of Switzerland. And all the rest to the next four cities on Swiss soil of us completely by train with the tag “Swiss Pass” extreme comfort, also can use it to take a bus, tram or boats on the River as to cities all over Switzerland without having to worry about booking tickets in advance.

Lucerne-city dreaming on Lake

Lucerne is perhaps the most characteristic cities of Switzerland because it is the epitome of this country. This small city lies on Lake Lucerne and the mountains. Though just a small city with a population of just 80,000 people, Lucerne is still seen as one of the economic centers of Switzerland, thanks to tourism services and the production of watches.

In the Centre of the city, Lucerne features water tower and Chapel bridge nicely. Both this heritage buildings dating from the 13th century, are viewed as icons to “identify” the city on the postcard.

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As early as the middle ages, Lucerne has been dubbed as the city of bridges and the Chapel is the most beautiful bridge.Fires in 1993 were almost completely destroyed the bridge, including the paintings exhibited in them, but only a short time later, in 1994, the wooden bridge was restored the status quo. Walking on the bridge Chapel, watching the red flowers all year around snare or White Swan flock swimming nonchalantly under the Lake gives me a sense of peace is difficult and does not want to leave the foot away.

One of the other symbols of Lurcene is the monument the “dying lion” of world famous Danish sculptor-Thorwaldsen, is inscribed to commemorate the Swiss mercenary who was killed during a mission protecting the King of France in Tuleries in 1792.

A man in the group, which is the deep understanding of the history and culture of Europe told us interesting stories about their bravery, loyalty and honor of Swiss mercenaries makes sense of the statue as more lively and interesting. The American writer Mark Twain once visited here have ever written a famous sentence about this statue: “A melancholy sadness and rocks of the world’s most sensitive.”

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With a history of fairly longstanding, Lucerne is also known for the old town with its centuries-old wall paintings, such as an open-air museum with interesting anecdotes. Stroll tired feet on the stone paving the way, you can stop at a restaurant outdoors, sipping a beer and listen to native people tell stories about the area of the frescoes.

Not only that, is a famous city for tourism, Lucerne also said new-foot vacationers with music festivals are held throughout the year, the shopping mall facilities, especially the clock shop “genuine Switzerland” with prices from heaven to just a few dozen dollars.

The Museum system is also one of the city’s pride. Now the central station is the art museum with paintings worth millions of Picasso, Erni to Wagner. But perhaps the most interesting is the Museum of transport is a central city about 5 km of the Museum name may sound dry, but e t the foot inside, I couldn’t resist his discovery step, though I had not the population of Mexican techniques or technologies. This exciting trip, I was invited to try the feeling of rudimentary aircraft flying from the 19th century.

With a country that has a complex topography, especially Apls rugged mountains, but the Swiss people conquered by pride all supply lines, although the most complex to go to every corner of the country. Traffic Museum shows entire developments as well as means of transport in Switzerland. Plus the smart, attractive displays make the number of tourists visiting this Museum East of 40 museums across the country.

After a day of exploring the city, feet aching, we return to the hotel to use the outdoor buffet. The hotel is located in the suburbs is quite far from the city center and have to travel by ship. From the deck, I spread the eye can take in the city far from fading or the beautiful villa on Lake easy to flip through. Sometimes, a private yacht anchored san suicide, some kids are tossing up swimming in the cool blue water. Arrival at the hotel, the darkness and cold, if not, I jumped into the Lake to swimming ùm for delight.

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Engelberg-paradise town four-season mountain & snow

From Zurich airport by train connection right to the city of Lurcene and then change a train to Engelberg. The total length is about 90 km and right 2 hours. In the country producing most of this world clock, schedule required almost absolute precision.

So, we went through three flights and two leg change trains, for a total take about 20 hours. However, when stepping out from the train door, small village located within the four texture this mountain clear how hard the tan.

Last summer sunshine made the more impressive scenery. At the top of the mountains is snow white, light-filled glare under the Sun, under the Valley is a small village with villas built right in short order. All covered by the blueness of the vegetation, pine forest.

Tobias Matter, the business manager of the Titlis Rotair lead visit round the town, starting from the peaceful village but brilliantly by the fresh flowers grown in balcony or gates of the villas to the Abbey of Benedict, by Baroque architecture of the chapel. Behind the monastery there is a cheese factory, a famous specialty of the region.

Engelberg is a resort town and the famous tourism in the region of Central Switzerland, at an altitude of over 1,000 m above sea level. This tiny town result knows how to attract tourists as the population in the region has only 4,000 inhabitants but welcome to the more than 800,000 visitors to the tourist and health resort annually, estimates of total guests drop by and go back in the day is much greater. Their services are really professional and perfect, cause us to squeeze every moment to enjoy all the Add-ons here.

The heart of Engelberg is the snow mountain Titlis with altitudes higher than 3,200 m. The Summit of this mountain was conquered for the first time in 1744, the Father Abbot Plazidus wrote that: “the mountain Titlis is very high and very frightening”.

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The village of Engelberg at the foot of Titlis has about 4,000 inhabitants live, beautiful as a picture.

In 1912, the cable system, the first stub was tapped up the Titlis and 80 years later, the tramway modern rotation Rotair was first in the world was unveiled, bringing tourists to the top of the mountain is easier than ever.

Engelberg United with both winter and summer tourism. If the winter, this is a paradise for tourists in the European region, the summer is where to Asia, especially China, Indonesia, India came here to explore.

The first night, we break down a hotel in between mountains, at an altitude of about 1,800 m. The top is top of the Titlis white, the bottom is the village of Engelberg Valley Green bow. An afternoon rain had hampered excursions around hotels, in return, we sat in a restaurant with warm wood and drinking draught beer, eat cheese and converse with the natives hospitality.

8 p.m., the sky still bright even though the Sun was behind the mountain. After dinner with typical cuisine in the Switzerland, we take a look a round and then on a break soon in preparation for the conquest of Mount Titlis in the next day.

From the hotel, take two more long cable car up to the top for another Titlis. The landscape is as high up as possible grandeur.Despite the sunny pretty fierce, snow still coated with white in several places of the mountains and spoiled for you playing with snow.

At Titlis isn’t just the games on snow or permanent ice cave explorations but also has many game thrills to adventurous boys like parasailing, kayaking in the lake bed, ice climbing, wakeboarding. The afternoon of the same day, when turning down the town of Engelberg, me and two friends spent the conquest 6 difficulty levels of the game Rope Park (walking in the Park). The first was to do Tarzan, I understand how feelings of Rapture when going cliff on wires high above, rope from tree through trees or slid down ropes from a height of almost 20 m.

Full of productivity for a day of entertainment in the Titlis and Engelberg, I experienced a night of sleep to continue for the next day.

Bern-living the legacy

Bern nor greater than Lucerne how much land area and population, with approximately 100,000 people live. But the Swiss capital attracted people from other regions to work should actual population outnumbered about 2 times.

Bern is the capital and the ancient cultural heritage, UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983. The name of the city is pretty interesting anecdotes, Duke Berchtold V Zahringen says that the first prey he get will be named for the city. And it’s a bear (Bern-Barn in German-meaning bear).

Famous badge and most ancient of the city made its debut in 1924 with a bear as is evident in this anecdote for authentication.We now also have a Bear Park is located right next to the River Aare dreaming.

Bern has a history of more than 900 years, surviving legacy is the old quarter with impressive architecture and remain unchanged until today. This is considered an epitome in the best preserved architecture of the medieval town in Europe.

Viewing of this beautiful old masterpieces, especially from restaurants Rose Garden from above. After a round trip to the city, we are invited to lunch in the restaurant on this hill. Just tired legs for walking, moderate climb to the high slopes which really’s, but results are indigenous people who want to create an interesting surprise. When going to a restaurant high above, face looking down, both the old with reddish brown tile roof and the Aare River flows through the city nestled in your eye. A v beautiful hard to beat.

“This is the most beautiful place we’ve ever seen!”, a German poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, wrote in a letter to his friend, Charlotte von Stein, Goethe during stay in Bern in 1779. I map that Goethe exclamation like that when looking at Bern from Rose Garden!

A further point of focus East of the Zytglogge clock tower’s visitors are from centuries ago is situated right in the old town streets downtown. Until 12 noon, visitors gathered beneath the road, turn their eyes looked up at the clock tower to see a tableau of the puppet and the bing Bell deck time points.

Add a few steps further, the River Aare, Green has eyes. In the schedule of the trip, we were told to bring swimsuits. I thought it was swimming in the pool at the hotel, to new Bern fell on heads are swimming in a pool Marzili River is one of the most beautiful in the world. Blue water, clean it can drink of this river attracts many visitors jumped into the shower in the last days of summer.

Food is also a charismatic-definition hard to beat of Bern. Dishes from around the world are served with traditional specialties.

In the evening, we were invited to a restaurant a beautiful wine cellar named Kornhauskeller, and downtown from the hotel just a few steps. Right from the entrance, looking down from on high, this restaurant is like the basement of a church.

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A man in the group, then it is the same ancient theatre. A controversy, we decided to ask you waiter and was told it was just a simple restaurant. French-style luxury, cozy and quiet with fantastic cuisine and wines, I feel like just being a party of the European nobility at that time!

Basel-chicken heads down three countries heard

The final destination in a journey to discover the Swiss border city of Basel. I know to the Basel fair thanks to the world’s largest clock (Baselworld) held in March every year, and during a search for a European tour, was to know Basel second in 10 small cities (population under 250,000) worth living for in the continent.

Arrival in Basel, Ah, no voting list wrong. Right in the Hilton Hotel in the heart of Basel, we are getting a thick booklet of 10 small NGO about this unique visitors, from art, architecture and gastronomy, the tourist experience.

Basel lies nestled in the heart of Europe, with France and Germany border should though is a small city but carries many characteristics of an international city, multicultural, multilingual and very much alive and not to be.

These trains run throughout the city making it easy for you to any point in time, as long as there is a map in hand and grasp the itinerary of the trip. Like Bern, Basel also has a river flowing through. It is located right at the bend of the Rhine River and downstream flows through many countries. You can pass on either side of the city by the bridge or raft on the river.

Although the media is very convenient to move around, but the way to discover the best of Basel is still walking. The neighborhood is small, winding roads in the alley leads us to interesting places and unbelievably cute. If tired legs, the Market Square and the town hall one can stop, inspired in any public tap water to drink.

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Two places not to be missed is the unique Cathedral on the river Rhine with its red sandstone walls, roof tile, colorful and striking with the twin towers proudly. The second location is the Market Square and the Town Hall, where you just admire the architecture of the Town Hall just a walk a round spot market fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers are sold outside, a traditional culture are interesting here.

If enchanted art, private art museum Fondation Beyeler is a point worth to arrive, enjoy more than 200 other works often in classic Nouveau on the art of the 20th century. Go on, then I caught a movie theater with a large screen or the advertising billboard exhibitions of contemporary artists in a museum somewhere. The older guides said the Basel can’t live without art!Perhaps due to the interference of geographic and cultural characteristics of it.

I think were a delightful imagination-Basel, city chicken heads down three countries heard!

Switzerland is a small country in Europe, bordered with four of Germany, France, Italy and Austria. Despite being a small country in terms of area and population of only 7.5 million, but Switzerland is one of the world’s richest countries in terms of per capita income. In 2011, per capita income in Switzerland on the 70,000 per year, ranking second in the world.

Switzerland is one of the European countries with international visitors coming to the most Eastern, thanks to spectacular natural scenery and cultural heritage, admirable architecture.

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