The beauty of the windows in Europe

Andre Goncalves, a tourist favorite photographer, passionate capture doorway at each stopover.


The beauty of the windows in Europe.


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The colorful window in Burano has attracted romantic guy. This is an island located in northern Italy.

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The window was Andre Goncalves taken in Venice, Italy. People here like planting flowers before window.

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Ericeira is a parish and accommodation is located on the coast of Mafra, Portugal. The windows here are not merely a place to welcome the sun and wind, but also as a highlight of the house with eye-catching patterns.

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Many visitors leave comments as they viewed pictures of Andre Goncalves interesting and said the dream would be to live in this beautiful place.

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However, the author has replied that this beauty can be found wherever you go, and even it is hidden in the place where you grew up.

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To Albufeira, tourists not only admire the unique window, but also can enjoy the vibrant nightlife. This is a coastal city located in the southern Algarve region, Portugal.

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The old window and beautiful, stylish, European architecture, you can encounter in the house is located near the Alps.

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Lisbon, Portugal owns the house with tiled windows beautiful flower. If balconies, railings often do slim to harmony with the pattern on the wall.

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