The most beautiful places in Germany

German tourist attractions by the diverse architecture, charming places in Germany, stretching from the city to the tiny country.

Together we came up with the European tourist attractions.


1. Rothenburg ob der Tauber


Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria, Germany. This is a beautiful town located on the romantic road runs through Bavaria, from Frankfurt to Munich. Just follow this path you will reach attractive locations such as the Museum, Market Square, and the town hall with around 240 stairs will lead you to a place that can be observed the whole town.

2. Black Forest


The Black Forest is a wonderful place

This is probably an interesting location, you can explore the forest by driving or walking on the road-this is a route passing through the Hill and Dale. You will visit one of the most beautiful lakes of the area is Titisee, and enjoy the fresh air and see the Lake covered with fog.

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3. Castle Neuschwanstein

Magnificent, magnificent Castle

Built in the South of Germany, King Ludwig’s Castle is typical for Romanesque design. Even you have built here a very long time, but the castle still preserves was an American beauty.

4. The Palace of Sanssouci

The Palace is located in Potsdam near Berlin trial. Located on a small hill and is constructed for King Frederick. With architecture designed in the Baroque, this Palace is surrounded by a beautiful garden.


5. The nearby Rheinsteig


The picturesque route

The nearby rheinsteig is a trail runs along the banks of the Rhine River from the city of Bonn to Wiesbaden.Explore offer this road will gaze at the beautiful forest statue drawings, the villages and vineyards. Visitors will enjoy the hilly landscape, a beautiful castle. The area from Bingen to Koblenz has been recognized as a world heritage site with 40 castles and other long works

6. Bremen


This port city is the oldest city of Germany. With the winding passageways, surrounded the houses built in the middle ages, this city has always attracted visitors to come here and go for a walk. In addition visitors can also tour the countryside with its large farm and is located not far from the city.

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