The places not to be missed when coming to London

If there is a chance to visit London, you have as to the whole of Europe is. Ancientremains, but London is equally exciting as the night in the restaurant, the works of art.


The Victoria Albert Museum in South Kensington
If the devotee of fashion, jewellery, ceramics or furniture, you are sure to love this place. All that tasteful were available here. From the sketches of Leonardo di Vinci tocollections of unique costumes. If the winner here on Friday of the month, you alsoenjoy free art show.
European Tourism, Travel English, London,

European Tourism, Travel English, London,
A garden in Chelsea
Opened since 1673, secret gardens of London. The sturdy walls protecting the 3.5acres of land to plant enough precious herbs. There are about 5000 plants here.Present this place, don’t forget to watch the biggest olive tree of England please?
The Westminster area, Parliament House
Adjacent Thames River, facing the Tower of Big Ben, Parliament House is located in the place of the other is an architectural masterpiece of humanity. If you’re lucky, you maybe debating in the House for free, of course you have to queue waiting for a long time. Right next to the Parliament building in Westminster Abbey. This is an authenticcultural heritage left from the 11th century with the typical Gotic architecture. You willhave the opportunity to learn and admire the tomb of Kings of England. Westminster.The Royal Botanic Gardens in London, Richmond
Lost foot in here, you will feel like home but heaven and as dizziness by too manyplants. More than 30,000 varieties are grown here, from the tree to the cheery Bellflowers, beautiful eyes. Please make sure that the camera is still filled with the batteryout.
London Eye, the River Thames
If you want to take in a panorama of London from above then please visit the London Eye. It’s a giant wheel rotates slowly, located close to the River Thames. From here, yousee very clearly the Big Ben Tower, River Thames gently. The beautiful sunny daywithout fog you will very much enjoy because you can magnify the eye up to 40kilometers. If it is rainy day then go dark is probably better. The city’s modern lights upbut also very romantic. The giant wheel, spin out for half an hour.
The British Museum, Bloomsbury
You will have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the reading room,where the superb level of wisdom such as Karl Marx, Oscar Wilde and Gandhi used to sit in. There are up to 8 million we took to be displayed, you will have the opportunity to admire the products came from Greece, Egypt, these treasures of many other countries. The Church of St. Paul With the dome featured differences on the skyline,
the Church of St. Paul
built in 1675 to 1710, after the old church was demolished after a fire. Indeed, the Church is the fourth to return on the old church, having since 604 CE. You can climb to the top of the roof to enjoy the collection are presented here, and try to stand nearthe wall surround one side, say something, your voice will surpass the length of 32 mwines to the rest. This is the place were many important events, such as funeralWinston Churchill, or the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. St Paul’sChurch
Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens
If you want to find a park any to get English country park, check the Hyde Park. Maybe it’s not the most beautiful, but its advantage is very wide space with blue awning ofthousand plants. You can swim in the summer or boating on the river. In Kensingtonhas the deceased Princess Diana Memorial.
Tate Modern Museum
Want to learn about contemporary art, there’s no place more ideal Tate Museum.Works by Rothko, Warhol and Picasso are present here.

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