The reason why tourists travel should Germany

Home of the famous sausage dish Oktoberfest Beer Festival and has attracted visitors by the beautiful landscapes, cuisine and lively traditional festival.

The Queen’s wine

One of the first jobs that you arrive in Germany should enjoy a glass of wine is extracted from the famous vines and aromatic ecstatic Riesling. This is also the kind of wine that at birth time, Queen Victoria used to love.

B nh noodles of heaven

Now it has 300 kinds of bread and more than 1,200 types of rolls. The quality of German bread has always been that brands be du world referred to with a passion for fun and call it the dish comes from heaven.

In their homeland, make Oktoberfest to temporarily forget the boring biscuits, dried that enjoy quality breads class ranks for this world.

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German bread particularly delicious. Photo: Germany.

Our beer is!

Beer production is emphasis on industry in Germany and this is also the product of tourism listed as a “must try” when visiting. From the 12th century, Germany has begun to produce the drink was popular with the whole world.

At first, people use natural flowers distilled beer, a drink is cool, slightly bitter and fragrant, great taste. Later, the Government released “pure law”, all for the chemicals in beer in any form and are only allowed to use hops, barley, yeast powder, water for production. This made the unique taste of German beer.

Today, due to the many places in the world with production of this drink, the normally difficult to distinguish characteristics of beer every where. Only the people in the profession and has been a new German beer can distinguish whether or not the genuine kind.

Sausage and mustard

The cradle of the sausage, no where in the world is this rich dish, as in Germany. We have over 200 kinds of sausage made from meats, mustard and spices. Cooked sausage can noodle or just preliminary processing is used.

However, people here want to make them richer by a lot of different dishes, from grilled sausages, smoked up to Fry’s …. Even Italy’s famous pizza, also add sausage. The dish goes into the culinary lives just gentle, natural medium as something inevitable.

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German sausage is one of the many dishes you fancy

The big Festival

Although the Germans work so hard, they still did not forget the festivities during the year. To the home of Beethoven, you are attending the Festival, fair with many display booths selling food, drinks and music.

The famous names

The Germans invented and contributed many things to the world. First to mention Johannes Gutenberg invented the method of imprinted, Robert Koch discovered the tuberculosis bacterium, Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen’s discovery of the x-rays with the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein, Carl Benz cars, Aspirin Eichengrun inventor Hoffmann und to …

Referring to Germany, many visitors will remember the right to beer and cars. But it is also the land of poetry, the homeland of the names as Goethe, Brothers Grimm, Schiller, Bach, Beethoven and later the super model Heidi Klum.

Germany owned several vineyards wine.Tuition exemptionUniversity studies in Germany do not have to pay tuition fees, even as foreign students. They only pay a small amount for travelling, administration of … depending on the market.According to statistics on the sheet of Die Welt in 2013, each year the Government paid about $ 6,000 per student. The payment of higher secondary and primary school levels in each State are also different.

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