Things should know before arriving in Scotland

Scottish water specialties not favorites as haggis and whisky but like Indian cuisine, such as curry or Irn Bru-a type of carbonated beverages.

Famous for pictures of men wearing skirts, Scotland has attracted visitors not only natural beauty but also cultural specificity.

The combination of tourism and politics

Scotland has many tourist destinations are the typical political works. A classic example is Holyrood in Edinburgh-which hosts big events at the same time as the Scottish Parliament building.

Scotland, Holyrood, Edinburgh, Irn Bru, travel tips
Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo: Successful Tripadvisor.

Every year, this work to welcome a large number of domestic and overseas tourists come to visit. The tour visits the Palace quite varied, from the meeting room, the set of law and policy to the art exhibition.

Favorite food is not food, Scotland

Haggis (a contains the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, fat lamb cooked with onions, oatmeal), Shortcake is the famous speciality of Scotland. However, the natives do not spoil the dish.

Multicultural cities – Glasgow is home to thousands of people in Asia, Italy and Eastern Europe to settle from the last century. South Asian cuisine give it curries and has become one of my favorite dishes of the Scots.

In Glasgow, you can find the most delicious Curry restaurants all over the country. For example Mister Singh, which serves the cuisine of India and Scotland as haggis and Potato Curry.

My favorite beverage is Irn Bru

Whiskey is popular drinks being exported in Scotland. The alcohol production plants located throughout the Islands, Highlands and lowlands. Visitors are invited to tour much, learn and enjoy alcohol free.

However, this is not the favorite drink of indigenous peoples. Most Scottish Irn Bru popular again-a type of soda water of Barrs, helps relieve symptoms of fatigue for people or drinking of alcoholic decorations.

The scenic railway

Famous movie Harry Potter images with steamer insert to the Hogwarts Magic School goes through the beautiful countryside and set in place. The image is believed to be the most impressive when the train ran over the Glenfinnan viaduct bridges on the route West Highland, from Fort William to Mallaig.

The beauty of the spectacular Scottish landscape where the bridge crosses the Glenfinnan viaduct. Photo: The guardian.

In addition to admire the beauty of the Scottish natural heroes vy, the railroad was moving easy and cheap for travelers. You will be 4 day excursions by train, ferry, bus or auto parts shop ScotRail directly or through the website of the Scottish railway company. In addition, children may also be incentives when purchasing tickets to popular tourist spots.

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