Three ways to enjoy a day in Paris

Although with few or even tens of million, visitors can explore the magnificent city of Paris perfectly suit your budget.

If there are only 24 hours in Paris, make difficult many visitors with a list of attractions on hand long solid. Here are 3 hints for each level of cost to help you take advantage of the moment in Paris.


Method 1: Save

You are in the French capital, so let’s start with breakfast like a true Parisian: stop carte at a bar down the street, much cheaper than enjoying a croissant and a cup of coffee au large lait. Le Petit Cler shop near the Eiffel Tower is a good choice for breakfast. Then visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris, the most famous tourist attractions here.

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Paris has many parks with beautiful space, very appropriate to enjoy a picnic-style lunch. You should buy a baguette with cheese in the supermarket chain popular G20 in Paris. Afterwards, visitors enjoy the scenery on foot on their way to visit the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, the burial place of Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde at no charge.

Guests dine at the restaurant L’As du Marais Fallafel with very tasty sandwich. Hi Matic hotel in District 11 are selected suggest to you overnight.
Method 2: Easy to enjoy

To facilitate travel in the city, tourists buy tickets to comfortable 10 Metro train in a day in Paris. You can include both breakfast and lunch to base at the cafe in the center of La Bal photography and watching passersby on the street line. Certainly you should not ignore the interests of the Paris icon – the Eiffel Tower.

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After breakfast filled, to save time, you do not eat lunch and to St Ouen flea market shopping. Want to enjoy wine, visitors choose a seat under the dome at Place des Vosges square in Ma Bourgogne restaurant. You call yourself a glass of French wine and cuisine charcutterie. After sunset, enjoy dinner at a restaurant french Chez Josephine Dumonet. End the day in Paris, lodging at Saint-Jaccques hotel.
Method 3: Spend money comfortably

Enjoy Breakfast in the hotel L’Espadon Rizt will give you the feeling like actor Peter O’Toole or Audrey Hepburn. You should go early to the palace of Versailles, VIP tour to go sightseeing without queuing.

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Go back to the city soon, tourists stroll around the most romantic place in the world on the carriage. Then you enjoy a cocktail with 360-degree viewing angle in Ciel de Paris restaurant on the top of tall buildings 210 m Tour Montparnasse. Guests dine at restaurants Akrame, cuisine by talented chef Benallal Akrame processing. You’ll be completely satisfied with one day in Paris while resting in luxurious hotel Le Burgundy

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