Tourism Germany – the country of the spirit steel

A German tourist , visitors will discover and experience the famous destinations in Germany, with stops at the unique landscape, the magnificent old castles, magnificent.

But with such a unique tourist destination, visitors often wonder how do not know will take the place of the very short travel time. Let commercial companies and tourism T United Kingdom we give hints about the European tour so that you can refer to and select the location where you feel like it.


travel Germany

The capital of Germany, Berlin offers a historically extremely tremendous. Along with the historic structures like the Berlin wall, the Memorial to the Holocaust and. ..
Berlin is known for its many museums, which includes the House with impressive architecture, is able to reproduce the classic civilizations of the world.
With so many entertainment venues such as parks, botanical gardens, sports events helping Berlin become an indispensable place in the journey of his European tour.



This is the site of the Oktoberfest tradition and is renowned in the world. This city is the best destination in Germany to see a great culture. In the center of the city is the most insidious between classic and modern architecture, with its historic Cathedral, the medieval wall ng along with shopping centres and venues for nightlife has to engage no fewer international visitors here.


Neuschwanstein is the most famous tourist destinations of Europe and is the most photographed works.Castle Neuschwanstein was built from the 1800 ‘s. Sparkling image, fanciful fairy castle was the inspiration for the sleeping Princess story. You can visit the Castle by train.



Was established a long time ago, Lübeck is one of the largest Baltic port in Germany. In this place still retains much architecture from the middle ages and became a popular tourist destination. Visitors here will have the opportunity to walk through the narrow old streets to gaze at the stunning historic.
The city is also known for the production of confectionery, marzipan and Rotspon specialty wine.

Rugen Island
 German tourist ,European tour

This is a largest island in Germany that was connected to the Mainland by bridges Rugen. It is famous for is at the northernmost tip of East Germany, tourists visit this place can look at an old lighthouse, a sleepy fishing village a swimming pool.

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