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Blagaj is a historic town located in the South-East of Mostar, river basin located in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Blagaj is a historic town located in the South-East of Mostar, river basin located in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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The area of Blagaj is characteristic by its diversity on the ground and the underground hydrology.The source of the Buna is one of the largest and most beautiful places in Europe.

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Buna River is a clear demonstration of a line of the underground Karst River flows West about 10 km and the confluence with the river Neretva near the village Buna.

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Bunna river flowing out from the cave lies under 200 m high vertical cliffs and created a blue blend the skin and leaves a beautiful tree. Natural beauty where it has fascinated the King of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). He ordered the construction of the building immediately Tekke, also known as the monastery of Dervish Muslims is next the river Buna this. The monastery was built for the Dervish sects are gathered and it also acts as an international House.

The Oriental monasteries architectural Tekke attraction featured homes with brightly beautiful, with a second floor and a room at the top like a balcony. All of these are reflected on the water dark blue of the river Buna dream.

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Today, the building is still one of the Blagaj Tekke where mystery for in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, known as Sufi Islam (Islam Suite tribe, usually a mystical sect of Islam, appeared almost simultaneously with Muslims on the basis of the ascetic).

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Blagaj Tekke buildings is open to visitors all year round. It also has a cafe-lined serving cold drink, tea and Turkish coffee in a beautiful garden overlooking the river’s watershed Buna.

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The area of Blagaj is also famous for the diversity of flora and a number of endemic species. Lower down there are many Evergreen and deciduous shrubs. While at an altitude of over, in the hills there is only sparse forest trees. Fertile farming land suitable for agriculture is characterized by a Mediterranean climate.

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Historical monuments of the town of Blagaj is the ancient fortress situated on the Hill of Blagaj, is settled by nobleman Stjepan Vukčić Herzegovinia region and is also the birthplace of Queen Katarina Kosača-Kotromanić of Bosnia.

The Fort is built on a limestone hill high standout in Blagaj and largely inaccessible because of its 310 m above sea level.

Ancient town of Blagaj is one of the most important towns of the clan lands Kosača (married host medieval clan ruled over much of the land in Bosnia and Herzegovina between the 14th and 15th century) covers around the walls, with the fit and the spires which today remains the ruins.

In the historical sources about the ancient city of Blagaj was first mentioned in 1423. In the time of the Ottoman Empire, Blagaj is an administrative area, and is divided into several divisions adjacent to each other, including 7 mosques, factories, 7 4 guest houses, 2 4 the Inn and stone bridge over the river Buna.

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To the Austro-Hungarian period, Christianity Christians introduced so the area has an Orthodox Church was built in 1893 and a Roman Catholic Church was built in 1908.

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The first settlement was located at the foot of the fortress of Blagaj, where the road ran down from the Fort and intersected with the Nevesinje. There is so little trade in Blagaj and this is just a typical rural environment, so in the early stages does not give rise to a municipality.

It was not until the late 15th century by the early 16th century, the new urban structure is shaped.Blagaj became a town with rural and urban structure of value for in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Historical town of Blagaj is distinguished from other similar structures within the layout of municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina today.

Blagaj reached its peak of development in 15 and 16 century, the works was built with stones also reached the highest level.

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The first stone house was built for the elite wealthy clan host, but then they also build common for lower classes in society.

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Architectural and natural populations of Blagaj forms a space and closed terrain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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