Florence city of Italy – One of the 10 best tourist destinations the world

Topping the list of 10 best tourist cities in the world, the foreign tour to the Pearl of Florence dreaming is always one of the schedule of foreign travel in many countries around the world.

Florence is not only fascinated by the beauty of tenderness, scene and serene, but also new-foot vacationers by comely attitude, hospitality of the inhabitants of this place.


For most of the route of the tour of France-Italy-Switzerland today, are put into the core of Florence, as a colorful focal point for your trip. The city thousands of years old is especially popular with many ancient architectural masterpiece, the art works of the most brilliant stages of development of European culture. The first place you should visit came upon arrival in Florence’s city centre, the place is called ‘ historic centre ‘ with narrow roads paved snake, with the beauty of the ancient, MOSS; along the sides of the road are the colonial buildings from the middle ages still intact. Around the central zone is the remaining piece of a wall to be built from the 14th century. The entire area has been organized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1982. Also, if there is a chance to come to Florence, don’t miss the chance to admire the famous statue of Michelangelo’s David or the Verene of Botticelli, the Uffizi Gallery, the Boboli Gardens, the Petit Palace, or Brunelleschi’s Dome of … All of the name, and are all incredibly exciting attractions and famous, worthy to you for taking the time to visit.

Florence city of Italy - One of the 10 best tourist destinations the world

Many people loved the European culture often argue that at least in my lifetime to have one visit to Florence, to float in the air to instill art. A beautiful city but quiet and close to the stranger. Lurking in his heart so much charm, the city of Florence has always been one of the attractions of Europe attractive, is the goal of the travel enthusiast and love to learn about the culture of European architecture of the ancient massive levels.

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