Georgetown, the heart of Penang, Malaysia

Situated to the north of the country Malaysia, Penang attracted pilgrims footsteps by unique temples, rich cuisine and George Town is the place for you to stop from 3-4 days with a lot of experience awaits.

Penang island covered with colonial buildings, the streets in colorful art and of course is one of the ideal place for lovers of gastronomy. The capital of the island is George Town, emerged as a singer was light illumined spotlight. Visitors to the island located off the northwest coast of Malaysia will be lost in the mix of Malay architecture – China and India, will be spoiled for leisurely on trishaw (cyclo) around the small road and enjoy the food with a passion that does not care about tomorrow.

The port city is recognized as a Unesco world heritage site in 2008 has changed to meet the needs of visitors flock to experience the centuries-old church, the Chinese guest, Hindu temples and even the door crowded restaurant.

George Town , Penang , Malaysia , Penang Tourism , Tourism MalaysiaFloating mosque in George Town, Penang – Photo SMH

Today, visitors have easy to find the place of stay in the luxury hotel, drink cocktails artistic, dine in fine restaurants and feel the charm of the ancient Asian city.

You need 3 or 4 days to feel the full city full of this cross-cultural definition. 2 -3 days to wander between the neighborhoods of Little India – Little India, Malay Kampung (village), or the Chinese community in Europe … days left to explore the suburbs.

20151002161741--2 Bettertraveltips.comTypical colonial architecture on the streets of the capital of George Town, Penang – Photo SMH

20151002161741-3 Bettertraveltips.comArchitecture traditional Chinese in Penang. Photo SMH

Use but trishaw vehicle to tour the streets is ideal but noted agreement before rolling price.Along the way you will cross the stores make lanterns, chopsticks, traditional hats. Stop for lunch at one of the roadside shops with char kway teow noodles. After watching the streets and colonial buildings, visit the Eastern and Oriental Hotel for afternoon tea. Make sure you do not skip Fuan Wong Gallery to admire the sculptures made of glass and stop at Lebuh Armenian a little long (Armenian Street) with the impressive street work.

After the sun had set, dinner at China House between airy open spaces will make your day more perfect length.

20151002162000--4 Bettertraveltips.comOne of the many noodle shops in George Town street. Photo SMH

20151002162000--5 Bettertraveltips.comSpaghetti and grilled chicken in ginger julienne restaurant China House, Penang. Photo SMH

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion or Blue Mansion is extremely typical works for the Su Chow of 1880. The scene of the building looks very familiar because it has appeared in several films, including famous works Indochine English starring Catherine Deneuve and Pham Linh Dan (character Camille) played. Tour homes priced 12RM (about 80,000) and have 3 great tour where every day or more is staying always in a special space has been transformed into this hotel.

Two investors Chris Ong and Karl Steinberg Noordin Mews was built into a unique hotel with the foundation is a 1920 Peranakan shop located between the tropical gardens with private pools. Designed in classic style in a general philosophy, the hotel has preserved the entrance for trishaw vehicle, rickshaw and eat in the servants’ area in the days before wealthy family.Room rates from 131USD / night for double occupancy.

Lone Pine brought the appearance of a resort and is one of the oldest resorts in Penang. Hotel rooms cost from $ 175 including breakfast worthy for those who are looking for fresh air and liberation of a true vacation.

Across the road in George Town you will easily find restaurants such as rice or pasta traditional (fried or water). In addition, visitors also choose to have dinner or at Weld Quay Restaurant under big trees with the freshest seafood caught right offshore.

20151002162000--6 Bettertraveltips.comBlue Mansion with familiar romantic scene appeared in several films. Photo:

Interesting destinations like Penang and Georgetown:

Trails: Muntri Street, Love Lane, Armenian Street and Acheeh Street.

Pinang Peranakan Mansion (museum Baba Nyonya).

Kapitan Keling Mosque Temple (1801).

Yap Kongsi – Fujian temple.

Sri Mariamman – Hindu Temple.

Penang Hill.

Kek Lok Si Temple vast Southeast Asian superlative.

Wat Chayamangkalaram – Thai temple built in 1845.


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