Hallstatt – the most beautiful lakeside town world

Leaning against the Dachstein mountains, overlooking the lake Hallstattersee facade, Hallstatt with poetic beauty dubbed “the pearl of Austria” and “Wonderland” has a lifetime of up to 7,000 years.

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Located between the cities of Salzburg (hometown of the genius composer Mozart) and Graz of the Austrian resort Salzkammergut, Hallstatt is one of the oldest small towns in Europe with such beauty came out of ancient stories area.

The name comes from the town of Hallstatt culture, the center of European culture in the first years of the Iron Age. With a prime location in the Dachstein mountain leaning back in, outside overlooking the lake Hallstattersee, Hallstatt is a collection of huts HOLZHAUS unique style along the lake. It is through her poetic beauty that Hallstatt is known as the “pearl of Austria” or “wonderland”.

Besides the picturesque beauty, Hallstatt is also famous for salt, the cradle of the world’s oldest salt mine with up to 7,000 years old. Thanks to this salt mine that the townspeople always maintain a prosperous life, full enough. Today Hallstatt salt production but still is not strong as before. Guests here have bought a small bottle of salt brought as souvenirs.

One of the destinations can not be ignored in the Hallstatt Cultural Heritage Museum, which showcases the historical artifacts prove the town’s 7,000 years. You will have the opportunity to watch the tools mining the world’s oldest salt such as hammer, ax, shovel or other ordinary items such as bowls, cups, jewelry from the Iron Age.

Guests only takes about 30 minutes to walk out of town. In addition, cars are not allowed to go on Hallstatt from May to October, in 10 am to 5 pm.

Unlike European cities, Hallstatt no bars or shops are open all night. Whereby the town has maintained quiet and peaceful, even in the peak tourist season.

These popular activities are a favorite in Hallstatt including climbing, hiking, mountain biking, or visit the ice caves. In addition, visitors can paddle the lake Hallstattersee for sightseeing or visit FKK nude beach for a refreshing experience more.

Undergone thousands of years of history, the small town of Austria still maintains charm and tranquility. Hallstatt is a UNESCO world cultural heritage in 1997 and is one of the tourist attractions, the leading European.

Hallstatt is a small town with approximately 1,000 residents live. In low season, only a few shops and eateries open so visitors will be hard to find a place to stay overnight. Therefore, reserve hotel rooms are seen as the most important task of the trip. In addition, the cost of living is quite expensive Hallstatt is also noteworthy.

20161006101512-hallstatt-10-bettertraveltips-comVisitors can travel by train, bus and private car to get to Hallstatt, in which train is the way many people choose most. You will go along the main road from Salzburg and Vienna, down at Attnang-puchheim, then take a train to Ischl, and Obertraun. Hallstatt station is located in the south and north of Obertraun Bad Ischl. Hallstatt station is right next to the pier to take visitors through the hydro lakes to visit the town.

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