Impressed by the beauty of the canyon Mont-Rebei

Discover nature in the Montsec, watching the river Noguera Ribagorçana ignored just drifting is always giving you the impression when arrived with the rugged canyons that magnificent view of Mont-Rebei.

The same admire the beauty of the Gorge of Mont-Rebei through beam photo below it.


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Mont-Rebei is a beautiful Gorge formed by the river Noguera Ribagorçana when it crosses the Sierra de Montsec, a mountain range in the Catalan-Spanish and the natural border between this province with Aragon.


Mont-Rebei Gorge was the single largest in Catalonia remains intact and has not been explored with the aim of expanding traffic as roads, railways or electric lines.


Inside this Gorge, they carve a narrow trail and solid, it was used in the 1980s to cater for the needs of tourists visiting and exploring. Here, visitors can enjoy the spectacular scenery, spectacular and reaching the eye to contemplate the Green River winding along mountain.


Tall cliffs along canyons make up the walls and magnificent. The highest can reach 500 m while the lower area not less than 20 m.


A small trail is located in the lower level was built and opened in 1924 in order to connect the village of Pont de Montanyana the Àger Valley region. However, today, it has been submerged by water in the Canelles reservoir rises.


Thus, a new route was opened in 1984, next the rock walls of the Canyon, a height greater than the water level in the reservoir.


There are also many routes lead you into the Gorge of Mont-Rebei. One of which is the road that leads to the top of the natural reserve Montsec. From here, you can easily cover the prayers of other attractions.

gorges, Mont-Rebei, Montse, Noguera Ribagorçana, around the world, tourism in Spain

You can enjoy the natural scenery, explore the rich flora and fauna in the reserve, quiet look at the river Noguera Ribagorçana hang out over the mountains of Alsamora before reaching La Masieta, where you can feel each strong flowing lines, thundering into the Gorge area.

gorges, Mont-Rebei, Montse, Noguera Ribagorçana, around the world, tourism in Spain

On the bow and the sightseeing, travelers will find the image many types of bird soar across the region, from the Eagles to the bat.
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