Istanbul place Asian meet European

With plenty of beautiful architecture, you’ll love Istanbul right from the first glance.

If you want to find a foreign tourist in May and search on Google with the keyword “places to travel in May”, you will find a multitude of different advice. However, almost any list in Istanbul of Turkey also appears in the first position.

The building featured the Hagia Sophia on the old houses in Istanbul

The perfect moment

For those more experienced when traveling, may is the best time to visit Istanbul. At the moment, the European climate was much warmer, especially in the coastal area b of the Mediterranean Sea. However, at this time still not to Europe’s summer travel season should run to the city less and prices of services are very good.

The sheer beauty of America upon the Hagia Sophia from the inside

Busiest trading scene at spice market Istanbul

Besides, the city of Istanbul is one where you can easily find accommodation with reasonable price. The huge scale of the city as well as the interference of Oriental and Western culture in this place will help you select the right dish to taste.

Admire the ancient architecture

One of the areas not to be missed when coming to Istanbul is the area called the Old City (the old city). This is where you will be able to admire the masterpieces of classical architecture. From the palatial buildings due to the Byzantine Emperor, built to the unique architecture of the sultan who ruled the Ottoman empire building.

Impression and attract the most tourists in the Old City is probably the Hagia Sophia with the great dome architecture ever been hailed in numerous works of literature, cinema. Not far from where there is a public bath house Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Hamami by Mimar Sinan, who called the Michelangelo of Ottoman architecture, built during the 16th century.

Also in this place, you will hardly escape the trap of spellbinding Grand Bazaar dates back to XV century. This work consists of 64 streets with more than 4,000 stalls selling all kinds of products. From pieces of silk cloth with beautiful patterns to jewellery, unique souvenirs are presented at the Grand Bazaar.

Its charming West

The Old City is the area of Europe, Beyoğlu (formerly known as Pera). It was formed from the hands of Westerners and minority Turks do not follow Islam. It is home to many recreational areas along the European-style cuisine, taste Vietnamese people. If not passionate hobbyists explore, experience every culinary culture, relax, Beyoğlu is a place suitable for you.

One of the enjoyable experience you can try in Beyoğlu is coming to Cafe Karabatak and sipping coffee with taste while seated on the sidewalk in sight through the back. Beyoğlu also no shortage of shops selling unique souvenirs along the huge shopping centre zone with international fashion brands for you to satisfy your shopping. Be sure that whatever your trip to Istanbul how long, you also look forward to soon return to continue exploring.

A colourful stalls in the Grand Bazaar

For convenience in getting visa to travel to Turkey, you should take the tour because of visa procedures will require you to have an invitation from a tourist company in Turkey. Visa time will usually take about a month.

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