Italy: World colors at Cinque Terre

Long ago, before Italy’s unification, people have developed a beautiful coast and situated on the top of the Hill of the Cinque Terre.

Because of inaccessible by vehicles, the “hidden Pearl” only to be visited by boat, on foot, or riding donkeys.


20150402115402-italy-the-gioi-sac-mau-o-cinque-terre-trave9The village of Vernazza is the coast. Photo: Chensiyuan, Wikipedia

The whole world seemed to be forgotten, until recently the tourists started to visit this beautiful land.

Location of Cinque Terre on map Italy and 5 villages situated along the Riviera. Photo: Steffen M., Wikipedia

Cinque Terre in Italian means “five lands”. This area includes 5 village is Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore, Monterosso, Vernazza and.

Village Corniglia in Cinque Terre. Photo: EpicV27, Wikipedia

Sitting on the train and leave the modern world behind, you will feel like being transported through time. In villages almost without a car, so you can easily visualize about the village from hundreds of years ago.

If enough time, you can walk along the roads connecting every village together. Although this is not the easiest path, but the stunning scenery is also worthy of your efforts.

A scenic coastal trails in Cinque Terre. Photo: Krigh, Wikipedia

You could spend weeks exploring these lands, especially when you intend to enjoy walking, but unfortunate that most people don’t have a lot of time (or money) to do.

Everything is quite expensive because it only has a few guesthouses or hotels. Many people choose to explore the area while still remaining in the city of La Spezia, such costs will be cheaper and more environment friendly as well with tourists.

Peaceful in Vernazza. Photo: Antiche Sere, Wikipedia

Those who don’t have a lot of time and money, then more and more tour operators, like Florence, Ciao began offering a day trip from Florence.

It made me appreciate Ciao Florence is: when both groups of visitors were present, the guides will give us some hints, and then each themselves learn a part of town.

Although there is a slight problem when someone goes missing, but in return, we have a number of General points are specified in advance, plus the phone number to contact the travel agent of the company.

Cinque Terre. Photo: Beth Williams, BesuDesu Abroad

I am very glad that we are do it yourself to learn, by the towns are small, moreover, the street will be hampered when you have groups of visitors. An interesting fact is that the attractions in Cinque Terre that will require you to climb up the ladder, so you may decide to participate or not discretion. The climb is never easy, especially under the harsh sun, but if you can do it, so did hesitate for? The beautiful scenery here is incredibly good!

The town has many similarities, but each has a unique allure and characteristics. The town is charming, beauty makes my heart do not look out of touch.

The village of Vernazza is the coast. Photo: Chensiyuan, Wikipedia

Perhaps because this is the first village I’ve ever seen, but if have to pick a favorite, I would not hesitate to Manarola. Even so, so I can not choose. Incredibly romantic scenery with colourful houses and the bumpy really impressed.
Colorful houses next to the rugged cliffs of Manarola. Photo: Chensiyuan, Wikipedia

I love the step along the way is called “La Via dell’amore”, in Italian means “the way of love”.Around the cliffs, the love will bring you the most amazing scenery of Cinque Terre. In my eye is the colourful houses and blue ớc n lane as Crystal.

Riomaggiore is gorgeous with impressive scenery and the steep hill. I’m panting to step up the ladder to come with old forts II Castello in the highest position of the town. In peace, I look down the Rainbow colors below to …

Photo: Beth Williams, BesuDesu Abroad

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