Japan: rendezvous for Kyoto history and culture

Kyoto is where the retention of most of the culture and history of Japan, promising you the charm and delight your explore.


Present in this vast city, the traditional culture of Japan for feeling like you are in a small town. From shopping to 1,600 temples and shrine, Kyoto fit all type of travellers.

Those who like risk can climb peaks surround the Valley and take in the spectacular scenery.Many families could bring food to the monkeys in the wild or exploring ancient temples around the yard. The couple then can gather on the hot cup of tea and enjoy the winter season. Also, scholars can learn about history in many different museums and monuments.Whether the reason for your visit, Kyoto will surely make you like it.


20150421164201-nhat-ban-diem-hen-lich-su-va-van-hoa-kyoto-travel-2Toji Temple in Kyoto. Photo: Simone Urbinati, Wikipedia

Former administrative divisions of ancient Japan, Kyoto has a long and historic complexity.The ancient capital’s remnants present across the city; the lovers of history is always something ahead of places like the Temple of the Gold Watch, the second sculpture made Into (Nijo), and the Royal Palace. The temple dating back to the 1200 year still stand and 17 UNESCO heritage is always a destination attraction for locals and foreign tourists to visit.

Nearby attractions

Kyoto is located in a valley on the main island of Honshu. You can take the fast train from other big cities like Osaka and Kobe, along with many small towns and the special charm, which gives you multiple trips to explore during the day. Kyoto is a city with convenient transportation system with streets arranged in grid and river Kamogawa branches form the medical cures.

20150421164201-nhat-ban-diem-hen-lich-su-va-van-hoa-kyoto-travel-3Silver Guard Temple in Kyoto. Photo: Oilstreet, Wikipedia

Because that is one of the most popular tourist destination in Asia, while visiting Kyoto, you won’t have to worry about language barriers. All busses and trains have a bulletin board in English, Furthermore, the restaurant offers a warm welcome every opportunity to speak English with the patrons of the restaurant. Each trip within the city are very convenient with the public restrooms and vending machines on every corner; the vending machines will give you many items of seasonal favorites, hot coffee and cold soda or even beer.


The Lantern Festival in Gion Matsuri in Kyoto. Photo: Sakurai Midori, Wikipedia

All over Japan, the Kyoto brand bearing the image of the subtle and wonderful. Many crafts and traditional arts of Japan was born in Kyoto, so there is no better place to experience the rich cultural heritage of Japan than Kyoto. You can try your flower art, local dishes, cooking, DIY wood engraving prints of themselves and wearing a traditional Kimono. Such experience brings a cultural perspective that you can’t find in any other place.

The four seasons

Local people call the Kyoto is the only city to have four distinct seasons of the year. The unique specialty of each season are held entirely by locals.

In the spring, the couple and their friends often bring pinic basket picnic and sit beneath the cherry trees to bloom-a beauty icon of Japan in the summer, they expect the sun down the mountain and see the fireworks lit up the night sky, or sight seeing and listening to sounds from one of the fire-festivals in temples across the city.

Japan, Kyoto, Japan, Kyoto travelKyoto in the autumn. Photo: Wikipedia

Fall is the time to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves. Winter also bring to light all over the whole city and the temple is covered with white snow. There’s anywhere better to enjoy unique in each season than Kyoto.

So, go to Kyoto inspires you, take you back in time with the history or take you to a strange new world, completely different from where you live.


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