Japan Travel Tips month 7/2015

Japanese tourist in July explore tourist information in Hyogo Prefecture – famous for its bustling port Kobe, Awaji island inland, Himeji castle was dubbed “white flamingos Castle” … and Wifi service at the Japanese convenience for your trip.

Japan Travel Tips month 7/2015

Besides, Bettertraveltips.com also like to introduce the pass card to save tourism in the region as well as throughout the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan. Also handbook also gives you information about the events in Japan to be held in Vietnam in July next.


Hyogo province has the largest area of ​​Kinki region, north into the Sea of ​​Japan and the south with the Seto Inland Sea. Hyogo Prefecture has many attractive places like the busy port of Kobe, where has long been seen as a stronghold of international trade and Awaji Island, the largest island of the Seto Inland Sea.

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Is the most populous city in Hyogo prefecture 2nd. It is known for landmarks such as the Himeji both Japan’s national security is both a world heritage site, or temple mountain Engyo shosha – which is like Mount Hiei west, outside the city is also famous for the autumn festivals like Nada No Kenka festival, one of three biggest festivals in Japan.

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Himeji Castle

Recognized as Japan’s national treasure and world heritage, Himeji Castle was reopened on September 27/3, after 5 years of remodeling the guard tower. The walls were repainted restored white colors, true to the title of “white crane Castle” is.

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Kobe port gate is introduced Western culture to Japan. Every street here is to make us feel the breath of the West. Also, on Rokko mountain with a rich natural astronomy tower, from which you can look down to see the spellbinding shimmering night scenes, night scenes Kobe should still be considered one of three beautiful night scene in Japan.

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Kobe Meriken Park

As a coastal places with striking bright building, typical “Kobe Port Tower” – the symbol of the city of Kobe. At night when the lights on the area will be a beautiful destination.

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Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Maiko Marine Promenade

This is the longest suspension bridge in the world with a total length of 3.911m, the distance between the bridge is 1.991m. You can leisurely enjoy the Akashi Kaikyo bridge, Osaka port, or the Seto Inland Sea while walking on Maiko Marine Promenade – walkway, built with Akashi Kaikyo.

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Arima Hot Springs

Arima Hot Springs is one of the three oldest hot springs in Japan, where it has long been a lot of celebrities in the history lovers.

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Situated in the northern province of Hyogo, the province has the largest area. The city is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, where in winter you can unleash skiing, swimming in the summer and challenges with sports games. Additionally, you can also enjoy the specialties on forest fresh seasonal sea.

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Hot Springs Kinosaki

As the hot springs known since the Heian period, up to 1,300 years of history. There are a total of 7 public baths and is famous for the hot springs tour.

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Manual of Himeji Free Wifi

You can use the free Wifi visiting the Himeji area. Just select connected with Wifi HIMEJI_Wii-Fi, then enter your email is you can use the free Wifi service here.

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