Jeju Island Korean – The picture flawless scenery

When prompted to tour South Korea, one of the things that makes you care about most is having to Jeju Island or not and where is it the great landscape paintings as they’ve seen on film or not.

As one of the South Korean tourist glitz for visitors free, Jeju Island has many inlays in embellishing the beauty of a landscape painting should be poetry, so to not exist in real life. Jeju Island also called Jeju Special autonomous regions the fact not only as the dream, but also good over what people imagine about it. Is a 1-hour flight to Seoul, Jeju Island is a pure space to strange. Upon arrival in the island, you’ll feel like I’m in a different world, as fairy tales for real peace.


Well tourism development should have infrastructure Jeju tourist quite well. But visitors to tour a lot, along with the principle of protection of the environment and respect the environment clean is always green, and through so many years of Jeju is not affected too much by the human impact that retains the beauty and purity of fresh space like that. Jeju has a lot of beautiful scenery including the Yongduam rock, Hallasan National Park, the mystical path of Dokkaebi, Halla Arboretum, Sungumburi crater, Manjanggul Cave, stone Oedolgae. On the island there is the peaceful little village as the village Seongsanpo Seongeup folk culture Villages, intact, the rustic splendour of countryside in Jeju from time to time does not change from housing structures, to the lifestyle of people to this place. One of the sights is virtually the visitors would also expect to be visited upon arriving at Jeju’s film Seopjikoji -spin where the extremely emotional film romance of South Korea. Come here, enjoy the scene full of poetry around, you’ll find nature and the landscapes and amazing than on film, when oneself is to breathe the fresh air in this place itself.

In the beautiful scenery of Jeju, in addition to the blue sea, lush greenery in the same exciting rocks, the island also has beautiful waterfalls and Cascades Cheonjiyeon waterfall, Jeongbang waterfall, Cheonjeyeon. This falls looked soft and gentle as the white-haired silky iridescent streams, flush spread down the Rocky slopes, the deep green forest stand, can fascinate any visitor would. Not only here in the scenic Jeju has the following points of interest such as the Jeju Folk Museum, Jungmun Resort complex, Yeomiji Botanical Garden, International Convention Center Jeju, a Resort Park, vivid Donnaeko and Marado Island is located in the extreme south of South Korea

Jeju is not only entertained the guests by the landscape, the culture or the wonderful people but also cause you to be surprised by many things special. Special things that we must first mention the island of Udo where the brilliant coral reefs, is the island where the women live here, most of which are tied to traditional scuba diving as a profession is mostly preserved and passed down through the generations. Next, you would upon arrival in the island, the first thing the eye immediately attention is Dolharubang stone statues and the Haenyeo have everywhere.This unique icon of the island has become a very hard feature to fade that inscribed on Jeju visitors, in addition to the great beauty that the island property.

To visit Jeju, one of the things that always brings excitement to visitors in addition to the landscape are also abundant festivals on the island. The special festival here including the Hwacheon Sancheoneo snow festival in January, Hampyeong Butterfly Festival in April, tea culture Festival in Hadong and Mime Chuncheon International Festivalin may, Festival of mud Boryeong extremely fun takes place in July, cultural festivals, ceramic shades Gangjin, in August.If visitors to Jeju in September will have a chance to join 3 big festivals of the island is the percentage of the Geumsan ginseng Mask Dance Festival, International Festival of Andong, Yangyang Song-i. In October on the island of Jeju is the month of festivals Jinju Namgang Yudeung, Gimje Horizon Festival and Dance Festival Cheonan Heungtaryeong. In November, Jeju has a very unique Festival is the Festival walk the Jeju Olle. On this occasion, the island’s residents will walk on the trail of Jeju Olle has great views along the journey, both honoring nature and expressed his respect for nature and environment. The Festival on Jeju Island in General is a pretty important part, reflecting the cultural life of the people on the island and is a great source of inspiration for the tourists when visiting.

Key features of Jeju Island as above will definitely make peace all visitors. With many great landscape than on movies, real people can all rest assured tour go Jeju which fret not worried whatsoever. Coming to the island all year round an average year round temperature and only at 15 degrees Celsius, you will have a range of time enjoy enjoy as Italy and there will be moments of magic never forget in my life.

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