Legoland, the unique entertainment park in Malaysia

Legoland entertainment park was built from the bricks puzzle magic, this is the choice of saving for family holidays unwind late.

The world of imagination

The park is a form Lego park architecture is art jigsaw kids lego favorite countries. Previously, wanted to explore the type of this unique park, visitors have to the US, Denmark, the UK or Germany … Currently, Vietnam parents very easy to take the little angel visiting even in Malaysia with Legoland.

Legoland, Malaysia, paradise games,entertainment,Johor BahruBorn in 2012, the park Legoland is Asia’s first Lego.

The park lego children fascinated by the fantasy world that this place offers. At Legoland, imagination has turned simple lego bricks become animals, the wonders, into a dreamy world … welcome the little angel right from the entrance is a fun zoo. There were dinosaurs, giraffes, camels, rhinos, dragon, horse … All is rated by lego, looks funny, lovable as he walked out from the animated film.

Legoland, Malaysia, paradise games,entertainment,Johor BahruTaj Mahal of India are re-enacted by Lego pieces at Legoland.

In the area of ​​Legoland Miniland, the baby will admire the beauty of the famous architectural wonders in the world, from Petronas (Malaysia), Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Taj Mahal (India), Van Wall (China) The ancient town of Hoi An (Vietnam) … The miniature structures are simulated with 1:20 ratio and built up of millions of Lego pieces. Surprisingly, the old town or the temples at Legoland are meticulous architecture, looks no different than the version actually, even more surprisingly lively.

Experience paradise game

Besides Miniland, Legoland while other areas are divided by topic: Land of Adventure (Land Adventure), Imagination (Paradise imagine), Lego Kingdom (UK Lego) Lego City (City Lego), Lego Technic … In particular, the Land of Adventure focus the adventure game appealing as the island of dinosaurs (Dino Island), The Revenge of the Pharaoh (Pharaoh’s Revenge) … Imagination, as the name implies, is a space of imagination with fun animation model, where children experience the four-dimensional space with Lego fun 4D Studio … In addition, visitors will be spoiled child tried a lot of adventure games to come intellectual as fire, racing cars, gliders in the air, water skiing, performing magic, painting.

20151228143205-legoland---3 Bettertraveltips.comAlong the baby explore exciting water games.

After the play, the whole family can stop to rest, eat at the fast food area at the park. The toy Lego bricks are also available to buy on the child’s parents.

20151228143232-legoland---4 Bettertraveltips.comAfter playing the moment they gather together for dinner at Legoland.

Stimulating the creativity of children

Not only a place of entertainment, Legoland can help children release energy, stimulating creativity and imagination. This is also a chance to see her parents shy boy home win yourself when to try the game thrills. These experiences can increase confidence and inspired discovery of young lives.

Many games at Legoland is designed for parents and children can have fun, encourage parents and children to coordinate food ideas, and save the beautiful memories together.

20151228143232-legoland---5 Bettertraveltips.comHave fun at Legoland is an opportunity for parents and children understand each other more.

Ms. Nguyen Mai Anh, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City each put three kids to Legoland play last summer, said: “The park is quite large, go tired feet, but the children have fun all day as tireless. Going on, the whole family can add a beautiful photo album hundreds. From time to time, require kids to open the phone to view mother pictures in the park as long as lego and ask to go further. Calculate the travel take me very happy Malaysia, strange but saving “.

20151228143232-legoland---6 Bettertraveltips.comLegoland leave memorable moments with the little angels.

As for Mrs. Thao Phuong, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City trip with son Legoland is an unforgettable memory to you, ‘Go play Legoland took all day, but that the time passes quickly.Like the human sense to play this game all the other games, with children spending hours building lego castle. Have fun with me, all the worry, stress seems to melt away. “

Legoland is located in the beautiful tourist city of Johor Bahru Malaysia. Currently, work to Legoland is easy and save as AirAsia always cheap direct flights from HCMC to Johor Bahru.Currently, the company has increased the number of flights from the 4 flights / week to daily flights are ready for you to take off any day of the week.

In Johor Bahru, in addition to Legoland, the whole family can have fun, sightseeing in many famous places like the city of Hello Kitty, Angry Bird Park. Parents also unleash bargain shopping in shopping areas like Johor Premium Outlets attractive, Johor Bahru City Square … Johor Bahru Singapore river just up the tourism travel between the two countries is also convenient for Sale stagnant.

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