London supercar many of the wealthy Arab to avoid heat

Every summer on the people of London, UK Back familiar with the supercar scene litter the street parking. The majority here are the property of the wealthy Arab carryover to avoid intense heat in the Middle East.

London’s secret supercar Arab world to avoid rich hot.


Summer in London often visitors jokingly call “supercar season”. Since this is also a time when the rich people in the Middle Eastern country flocking to the UK to escape the heat, tourism.


Therefore, on the streets of London, amusement parks, shopping is often flooded with vehicles that most people, world travelers merely dreamed like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Maserati …

London , Arabs , rich Arabs , tourism London

Shown is a tourist from Saudi Arabia. He is very happy to be asked to take pictures inside their expensive cars.


The peak season for tourists may firsthand watching sports cars, rare cars, expensive in London are July and 8. This is the peak tourist season of rich Arab population, Kuwait, the Middle East countries.


According to one TripAdvisor traveler, the Porsche 918 is priced at $ 860,000. It was parked near Hyde Park, London.


The appearance of the supercar has attracted the attention of locals and tourists. They compete to take pictures …


… And even touching the cars are decorated in gaudy.


Shown is the London Youth is photographed a car be covered with expensive Swarovski Crystal of Austria.
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