Maldives, where tourists never lonely

Tourist paradise in the Indian Ocean attract tourists all subjects, with a clear blue sky sea, diverse services with costs that satisfied everyone coming here.

mal_1-bettertraveltips-comA resort Gaafu Dhaalu atoll on. The area is completely isolated until 1993, when the airport was built Kaadedhdhoo.mal_2-bettertraveltips-comLarge coral populations Konotta there are many fish species. Go diving on a sunny day, you will easily see sharks, stingrays spotted, stingrays, parrotfish, hawksbill … Twice a week, the biologists held a briefing session about life coral reef aquarium. Guests can participate in planting, conservation of coral and many other programs.mal_3-bettertraveltips-comThe food in the Maldives is influenced by Indian culture, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates. Coconut water is used heavily in the cuisine.mal_4-bettertraveltips-comMaldives offers luxury resort with sea view villa, with swimming pool, and also the cost savings resort for tourists.mal_5-bettertraveltips-comYou’ll never be lonely under the sun and white sand beaches like this.Maldives Tourism, Maldives, Tourism Maldives nothingScenic, windy that you hardly ever have to open the television. Take time to explore local culture, cuisine, drop into the spa, even if you only come here alone, or go with a loved one.house2-bettertraveltips-comThese traditional houses built from coral stone nestled under the shade of palm trees, the flower-lined paths from. The history of this land is still mainly transmitted orally through the generations. Photo: Tintinsailingadventures.mal_8-bettertraveltips-comGaafu Dhaalu Atoll is located in the extreme south of the Maldives archipelago, is tourism since 2005.dhoni-bettertraveltips-comDhoni is the traditional type of boat here. Tours and resorts in the Maldives offers train services Dhoni experience for visitors. Local fishermen participated in the trip, guide visitors to catch seafood, then homemade on the island. These are memories you will not forget.

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