Marina Bay Singapore tourist attractions – airspace in tranquility

Whether you went to Singapore tour or not, maybe all know that Singapore is relatively well developed in those countries of Asia. To visit Singapore, anyone is impressed with this, but when you have a chance to visit the Marina Bay, the impression left with both how interesting things are difficult to describe in words.

Marina Bay is one of the tourist spots in Singapore are so amazing that how you once visited once, all want to return to many times more. Located in the South of Singapore, the Marina Bay as a result of separate space with wide area 360ha, whose infrastructure is constantly being developed and contain a lot of promises. With the advantage of complementing the investments in infrastructure and an impressive landscape, Marina Bay attracted a lot of investors and on the other hand are attractions that this region became more pronounced as a typical modern Singapore’s differences over what one has to know about this country before. Prosperous, bustling and full convergence of factors serves the spiritual life of comfort over hours of labor tension, in Marina Bay, it seems like people feel the pressure decreased greatly in a modern urban life and influenced by powerful city technology.Located near the banks of the Singapore River, the building of appearance such as Sail Marina Bay 70 floors high,Marina Bay Residences 55 floors, Marina Bay Suites 66 bib the serenely strange. From the tall buildings can be seen ta Bay of generosity, could see vibrant blue color of the lush green Park, the roads for pedestrians open wide, and.really caused to the lives of humans more peacefully than many.

Marina Bay Singapore tourist attractions - airspace in tranquility

At Marina Bay, the transportation system is very noticeable to grow and expand, between 2012 and 2014, new subway line 3 was completed. Toward 2020, transportation areas will complete with many of the subway, as well as complete rail network not only in the geographical zone of Marina Bay, which is also connected to other areas of the island nation of Lions. In the development of the Marina Bay for up to this point, perhaps the Marina Barrage is the strongest developed project. Large dams are offered 10% water to Singapore, the Marina Barrage was built right in the city centre and has many important functions over a dam normally. In addition to the dam Marina Barrage, Marina Bay and left many things cause you to ponder which is Garden City by the Bay. With an area of 101 acres wide to numerous precious plants, Garden City by the Bay is the garden Green Giant, making Singapore more freshness was more better.

If you are interested in economic development in Marina Bay, you can enjoy the Marina Bay Financial Centre -the Gulf’s financial center has an area of more than 3.5 ha reunited several massive buildings around the Park, near the banks of the river. Besides Raffles Quay makes people not from the overwhelmed with 2 famous office buildings concentrated upon the top names in the business such as Deutsche Bank, UBS, RBS, Barclays, and. .. Beyond that is the Asia Square -Asian has both office buildings and hotels. The screen is linked to the surrounding area is Raffles Quay, the Parkway Marina, Marina Bay Financial Centre, One Shenton Way in the transportation convenient, the way for pedestrians under the ground, etc.

Meet recreational needs, Marina Bay has a Marina Bay Sands -famous complex gồm3 50-story hotel building, 2 the theatre has a capacity of 2,000 passengers, ArtScience Museum, skating rink, SkyPark, high-end shopping, dining area, the casino, the … opposite the Marina Bay Sands is the Fullerton Heritage -a perfect picture of the overall architecture is combined with modern elements and long life, in association with many great points formed by The Fullerton Hotel, The Fullerton Pavilion, Clifford Pier, Customs House and One Fullerton. In addition to Marina Bay Sands and the Fullerton Heritage, referred to Marina Bay which ignore the tree Bridge Helix will definitely be a big omission.Not only is the bridge serves the pedestrian walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Gulf of Marina, the Helix bridge is considered a masterpiece of architecture with unique double helix structure not only in Singapore, but of the whole world.

Marina Bay-the name beautiful contains how glamorous thing very strange. Not just with those who only know what bit of Singapore or the Marina Bay, where even the rich experience in tourism Singapore when mentioning the name, are inevitable lucky recovery claims. Savoury charm in the name Marina Bay has to write a long story filled with interesting travel tours, every time there is a chance to visit. Impressed by them in the end, surely is a series of names beginning with only one from Marina’s sweet and lovingly.

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