Monemvasia, Greece’s treasures

If the phrase “live as we live happily” right, a place can make people happy life is the small island of Monemvasia on the East coast of the Peloponnese (Greece).

Rock Island Monemvasia with mainland a narrow path-photo: alexandria-institute

On the long rocky island just over 1 km wide and 300 m like a plateau rise 100 m above sea level is the Nea Monemvasia, a lovely little village on the land overlooking the sea from the Mainland could hardly see.

Now, with indigenous people, Nea Monemvasia is a treasure of Greece.

The historic upstream, the village Nea Monemvasia romance has surrounded the walls, nestled in the shade of the steep rocks is a living museum as an important witness in a historical period rich with the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman and Venetian history.

Although several times changed hands between Venice and Turkey over the centuries, and just after the war of independence of Greece in the early 19th century, the island of Monemvasia was freed.

Through numerous events but Monemvasia and the village still keeps its original primitive with inherent beauty.

The village Nea Monemvasia on steep cliffs in stones Monemvasia-photo:

The old Kastro Monemvasia Rock Island as seen from the Mainland-photo:

Rock Island Monemvasia-photo:

The village Nea Monemvasia-photo: flickr

A little steep-photo: flickr

With the contrast between the beautiful natural shades and the history intact, visiting the village of Nea Monemvasia is an endless discovery journey and bring more interesting for visitors.

The village is connected to the Mainland by a narrow path built on a reef and is also the only way to enter the village.

And since the 1970s, the village of Nea Monemvasia with its castles, the Pebble Beach in crystal-clear blue waters and quiet to become an ideal tourist destination.

To explore the village Nea Monemvasia, visitors must walk by all vehicles are prohibited from circulation immediately from the entrance to the village. The village centre is called Kastro there are small houses of the medieval stone converted into shops, hotels, restaurants.

The main square of the village Nea Monemvasia-photo: flickr

The quaint little stone streets, visitors can discover the unique bent corners for collection of his travel photos.

Highlights in this way is that each song around splashes the stone building has charming architecture, the petals rise up from the corner kick or a beautiful bell tower and. ..

On the main road shop are the Odos Mesi tandem showcased plenty of local produce and leads to unique square has since the middle ages.

In the ancient Church of Elkomenos Cristos, you can collect on the lens the image sea excellent. And if to come on Saturday, you will have the opportunity to attend a wedding ceremony of a local tradition of …

The ancient Church of Elkomenos Cristos-photo: flickr

When landing on the island, people settled on the higher part of the island and then move gradually down to the bottom when realized solid defensive positions there.

With the influx of visitors constantly pour on, especially in the summer, many of the medieval buildings constructed on the top floor of the island was repaired and converted into hotels.

After crossing the steep ladder-highest, before your eyes is a sweeping views of the sea and the roofs heaving beneath. On the small path winding as many churches, abandoned buildings and even a gorgeous wildflowers.

One of the works must visit the above places this is the Church of Saint Sophia.

Small city in the village of Nea Monemvasia-photo: flickr

Rock Island Monemvasia separated from Mainland following an earthquake in ad 375. To the sixth century, the ancient Laconia residents look to Monemvasia to evade the Slavic invaders ruled Greece between 500 and 700. 

* Information for you:

-Monemvasia is Athens about hour airport

-To save on costs should stay in selected hotels on the Mainland.

-Time to visit villages and ideally the morning when the weather is not too hot.

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