One day experience the beautiful city of Nice

Nice City tourism , tourists will come to France are beautiful. It is the fifth most populated city in France.

Be blessed by the mild climate, beaches stretching along with the lightweight gold has attracted thousands of visitors from around the world about this and look at the land of the Sun. If you were intending to tour Europe , there is the experience that you should try once to this pretty Nice City.

And visit the flower market in the square Saleya

This is a special place and extremely well known in the beautiful city of Nice. The morning to come here, you’ll find was bustling when there are a lot of flowers, vegetables and other farm products are sold here.The pots are enough vibrant colors in the Sun are aligned aisles. But you should notice the flower market is only active until close to noon, then there will be tables and chairs are set out to prepare a snack.

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Visit the Matisse Museum

With the favourite painting, Matisse Museum surely will be a most memorable leg of European trip by themselves. This museum is exhibiting the work of art by Henri Matisse, one of the famous painter and was instrumental to the school of art. All of these famous works were inspired by the vibrant colors and contours of the beautiful city of Nice. Alternatively you can buy the works of art in the souvenir shop

Relaxing walks along the ancient town

Combine harmoniously with modern development, Nice at the same time also a unique old town. To the city, visitors can wander all day on the small streets and zigzag. There are also many cafes, coffee, along with shops selling souvenirs. Sometimes you sit back SIP a cup of coffee and look at the beauty of this city.

Nice City tourism , tourists will come to France are beautiful. It is the fifth most populated city in France


Explore the castle on the Hill

Castle was built on top of the Hill. From above looking down you can see all the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the city of Nice poetic. With the red roof san and your eye doesn’t seem to be limited. Don’t forget to write down for yourself the beautiful shots from on high down there. Surely that would be memorable memories for visitors once set foot here.

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Take Rue de France

Anyone coming here should also surprised the beauty to the magic of this pedestrian street. Along the sides of the Rue de France has sold so many attractive items such as the fashionable shops, restaurants, the shelf to sell souvenirs. Once you’ve missed step into a store and it is difficult without the handbags on hand items are bought here because they are so beautiful and attractive. It is also the hub for entertainment, the indigenous people as well as international visitors come to stroll, skateboarding and rollerblading.

Nice had the interesting experience. Don’t wait any longer, you put yourself in a tour to travel to Europe to be lost in the country this dreaming.

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