Past tense of trendiest neighborhoods in Hong Kong

There are 150-year history, but the development of SoHo – one of the most famous streets of Hong Kong only really began more than 20 years ago.

SoHo is a popular entertainment in Hong Kong, meaning “South of Hollywood Road”, located in the Center District, south of the terminal, between Hollywood Road and Queen Street.Although known as trendy neighborhood, but in reality, the new SoHo developed over the past 20 years thanks to the introduction of the system of the world’s longest escalator running in the city.

trendy neighborhood , Hong Kong , SoHo , Hong Kong destinationsSoHo in the early years 90. Photo: SCMP.

1880, SoHo is fairly quiet area with 5 types of people live: Europe, Portugal, India, China and “Chinese woman”. In particular, Portugal to indicate the Eurasian came from Macao, with lower levels in the hierarchy of the British colony. And “Chinese woman” to describe those who “protected”, married to white men. They leased a house and enjoy some free perks within the given time. Then, half the population is Indian SoHo.

One of the great architecture and the first special mention here to the mosque built in 1850 on the way Shelley, however it has been demolished and rebuilt in 1915 with a meeting room and 2 signed sufficiency for women and men. To 1941, Japan invaded Hong Kong has banned all religious activities, forcing residents to flee Muslims seek shelter elsewhere.

20161025104612-2-25-9096-1476871365-bettertraveltips-comIslamic fashion a splendid time is gone. Photo: SCMP.

Peak in 1950, the old houses and the SoHo apartment were burned or collapsed, turning this place into a place of ruin and decay. Things only changed until 1990, when Hong Kong decided to build an outdoor escalator system covered 800 meters long passing SoHo. This work has fueled regional vitality, repelled away long silence reigned on every road. In less than 3 years since the escalators completed in 1993, around the entire house has been sold.

20161025104613-3-114-6524-1476871365-bettertraveltips-comToday’s busy SoHo. Photo: Foodpanda.

SoHo neighborhood is currently focusing many bars, clubs and restaurants in Hong Kong most. Guests can wander the narrow streets, shops and close proximity to antique shops, sale of clothes, accessories to the environmentally friendly appliances. However, the best time to visit is at sunset SoHo. Guests can soak up the bustling SoHo’s a “primetime” with half-price bar drinks.

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