Pulau Ubin – destination can not miss when tourism Singapore

In the eyes of visitors, Singapore is a modern country with over tall buildings, is a paradise for shopping and tourism.

However, if you want to see an old Singpore join Bettertraveltips.com visit Pulau Ubin-final village, also known as “kampong” in Singapore. Here you will have the feeling of time about the ‘ 60s of the last century.

Pulau Ubin, located off the northeastern coast of Singapore, is an island still untouched and at least you look up to. The majority of visitors to the island as local travelers but recently the Government has started to take the investment policy aimed at developing tourism in Pulau Ubin.

Although located relatively close to the mainland but to Pulau Ubin you will have the feeling to be explored in an ancient Singapore. Most of the island’s land area, are still the lush forests and many houses on the island still remains of ancient architecture.

A few years ago, Pulau Ubin has yet to have electricity and populated on the island mainly use generators, because of the cost of pulling power off the island too large. However in recent years, the people on the island have been using power thanks to solar systems and bio-diesel.

Means to Pulau Ubin

Boat ride from Changi ferry terminal to Pulau Ubin takes only about 5 minutes at a cost of about 2.5 dollars Sing/1 pm. However, the boat is usually waiting for enough new passenger 12 stem.

Places to visit

After the island’s Ferry Terminal to Pulau Ubin, you go to the tourist information guide near the bridge to learn about the history of the island as well as all of the exotic animals on the island.

From the tourist center at the jetty, you can turn left to the West to be the Centre of the island. Here, bike rental stores, eateries and restaurants.

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Means to explore the island

Walking: the main use of your legs is the best way to explore the island, however you should divide the reasonable time to be able to visit all the places on the island. However, according to my advice then you should rent a tour guide if the first time you come here.

Bicycle Rental: The best way to visit Pulau Ubin is rent a bicycle and pedal loops around the island. Bicycle rental costs about $ 2 Sing/1 hour. Besides, you can also choose to hire a bike all day. Cycling can help you explore the island faster and save time. In addition, you can also hire a taxi to explore the island.

A couple of interesting news about Pulau Ubin

-In Malay, the Pulau means island, also derived from the word Ubin floor tiles made of stone so you do wonder when there are so many abandoned quarries. Malay people also referred to the island as Pulau Batu Ubin, or granite island. Today, to the island of Pulau Ubin you will find countless big lake, due to the impact of granite mining activities.

-Center of the island there are many mangrove forest.

-A place of attractions on the island is Chek Jawa tidal venture in the strip of land, is located to the East of the island, which has a diverse ecosystem, flora and fauna are extremely rare.

-If you want to camp, the region North of the island is the best choice.

-Bicycles are vehicles the main and West of the island has roads suitable for mountain biking. In 2007 the island was to build a system of climbing trails dedicated to bikes in the Park wide 45ha Ketam, an artificial line helps you can bike ride in all weather conditions. On the supply lines, you remember visiting visiting Puaka Hill, from here you will magnify the eye out and see great views of Ubin.

-The ecology of wildlife is also an interesting feature of the island of Pulau Ubin, especially if you are lucky you will witness scenes of rare migrant bird species on the island.
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