The reasons why you should come to Brussels once in a lifetime

Brussels, capital of Belgium, is a favorite destination in Europe, thanks to its long history, architecture, culture and unique cuisine.

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Grand Place: this is one of the most beautiful square in Europe, with many ancient buildings, restaurants and cafes. This world heritage site is also decorated with a giant flower in August (2 years) and is not to be missed when to Brussels. Photo: Thousandwonders.
Paradise for the Mexican beer: Brussels hundreds of beers made with handmade, unique taste, from Cherry to cherry. In particular, the beer here is priced pretty cheap, ideal to enjoy after a day walking the pretty city. Photo: Huffington Post.
Markets: a rare city in many markets attractive and exciting as Brussels. You will find unique items, from works of art, old electrical appliances, old fashion style … with affordable cost. This is one of the popular activities on weekends with locals. Photo: Wsj.
Waffle cake: this cake and made famous in all over the world, but no appetite in Brussels. Attractive scented cake, sweet crunchy … tan, sold in the coastal city of food and vehicles both in the restaurant. Photo: Backroads.
Comics: comic book culture very focus in Belgium. This is the home of hundreds of authors and famous comic characters like the Smurfs or Tintin. Brussels has many stores specializing in comics, the Museum and the city draw the characters extremely unique. Photo: Nagonthelake.
Chocolate: Chocolate is one of the items the reputation of Belgium. To Brussels, the adherents of this dish will be the health agreement enjoy the kind of chocolate. The secret to create unique taste of Belgian chocolate is the purity of the raw materials and processing methods are kept for hundreds of years. Photo: Viator.
Architecture: Brussels is the seat of the school of art. This is where the architect Victor Horta and Paul Hankar designed out of the art-the first building in the world: Hotel Tassel and the Maison mansion. In addition to visiting the Museum of Horta, you can admire many works of this school across the city, such as the Cauchia mansion, MIM … Photo: Parkinn.
The outdoor festivals: Brussels organises festivals, outdoor events for residents and visitors, such as the music festival Fete de la Musique, Festival, Beer Festival, the Festival of comics … Photo: Bordeaux-wine-festival.
Ideal to travel during the day: From Brussels, guests can easily visit other popular cities such as Amsterdam, Bruges by boat, Cologne, Ghent, Lille or Paris. In particular, the Brussels transport system convenient, efficient and easy to use. Photo: Raileurope.

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