Romantic Wedding photography in Hong Kong and Macau

While Hong Kong colorful, fun filled, then Macau steeped in the architecture of classical European style.


Wedding photography in Hong Kong and Macau is the choice of so many Asian Mandarin ducks By the two cities closer together, easy to move. Each has its own characteristics. Hong Kong the bustling, crowded but retains many of the features of China, whereas Macau back reminiscent to the culture and architecture of Portugal, the classic European style. If taking pictures in two locations, the couple should spend at least 3 days to reach the many famous landmarks and had time to rest.

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Hong Kong’s most beautiful weather from November to April when photographed, the groom should choose this time around. At the time it didn’t rain much, possibly in warm sunshine.

From the Summit Ridge looking down, Hong Kong sparkling by night.

Mandarin Duck can be up here to take pictures of romance.

To Hong Kong, many people want to come to market and this may well be the backdrop to wedding photography.

The ladder in Hong Kong as a motion picture in your wedding.


Fragrant harbour place also has many lovely restaurants, cafes to do the photo shoot.

Mandarin Duck natural slimming in Hong Kong bearing, next to the bus, tram and vibrant colors the shops are bustling.

In addition to Hong Kong also has a park with green trees stretching.

To Macau, the architecture of the old buildings will make the bride the groom feels like you are stepping up to the corner of Europe.


Mandarin should be prepared several outfits to change to fit in each context.


From Hong Kong, the Bride Groom could go train to Macau.

Bride Groom performed the wedding photo of the romantic scenery of Macau.

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