Saboo – where these the house do not need locks

Though it is gradually developing the service for tourists, the resort in the village of Saboo in India still do not have locked the door, gate.


Saboo is a village located 5 km east of Leh and Srinagar city 298 km. Indigenous peoples known as patience, tolerance and honesty. They believe in Buddhism, tend to treat others peacefully.

The system homestay in Ladakh

Recently, this form of accommodation (homestay) are quite common in some areas. You can stay at home when they emigrated from this village to another village. The schedule was moved during the day, while the quieter down at the resort, enjoy Ladakh, meet the locals and experience the culture, way of life here.

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A modern house in the village of Saboo.

Initially, villagers are afraid to allow tourists into the House. However, when a woman from the village of Rumbak decided to welcome tourists, other villagers to follow. Currently, most of the inhabitants in the village could become a homestay.

This system started by the Snow Leopard Conservancy, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the conservation of wildlife of Ladakh. The goal is to generate income for people in Hemis National Park, which is famous for its wildlife.

One of the objectives of this system is the economic support for the people in the remote areas through eco-tourism, education, crafts, study and. .. They have expanded the system to other villages such as homestay is a part of the work of eco-tourism in Hemis National Park. This association is also training the native self guides in the area.

Actual experience in the village of Saboo

First impressions is the enthusiasm and friendliness of the people here. Neighbors can be anywhere from a couple of hills, but just tell your homestay host name, immediately people will walk a way to arrive. The family often support each other in field work and harvest, then carrying vegetables to market for sale.

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Door latches not locks of a private house

Each House here had locked the door, gate or other rooms but fall victim to theft of almost did not happen. Despite this, see guests confused when in the room had no lock, the landlord still willing to insert the door latches on the side.

Clean water is scarce, homeowners usually have to wake early, go to finance the water from the tap at the foot of the Hill to wake guests can shower, toiletries. They often praise prayer post morning with a warm tone, echoing where Hill angle while the water burden.

A few households have modern toilet homestay for visitors, others are kind of tradition that when used, you should use the blades toward a little ground in the basement. It is not just for Government waste, minimize the smell that the composting, fertilizing crops later.

The cow is considered a member of the family by most of the major food has ingredients butter and milk. Cow dung is dried, making fuel during the winter.

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The women friendly Saboo greet visitors.

The people here are honest and respectful guests. Thus, if the landlord homestay feel you are a honest and trustworthy, they will not accept any fees. This gift and you are good with a “my cows”-means becoming a member of their family.

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