Seoul city attractive tourist in Asia

Varied cuisine, lively music nights at Hongdae district, ravishing film context is what attracts visitors to Seoul, South Korea.

According Bussiness Insider, Seoul is the most exciting cities in Asia and here are some reasons for this are listed.


Even when not know Korean, you’ll get the locals warm welcome and help.

In addition to beautiful places like dreams often appear in the film emotionally, street in Seoul was the inspiration for the science fiction film.

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Bustling streets and the sparkling lights of Seoul.

Current Korean capital is the perfect combination between the old and the new. Visitors can encounter the ancient palace, the traditional school or wooden hanok houses and modern Gangnam neighborhood. It is suitable for both the procurement and aesthetic beauty.

Referring to the cuisine here, can not ignore the famous kimchi. However, Kimchi Mandu is an interesting combination between Alder puller Chinese, Korean kimchi stuffing personnel, makes a perfect breakfast in the day.

Also, Budae jjigae (also known as military bases soup) is also a very remarkable dish. This is ham cooked with sausage box, inspired by the American soldiers. This dish is delicious made to surprise many visitors.

Korean Music K-pop not only. Night in Hongdae district with performances vibrant music with jazz, rock and indie.

Kimchi Mandu is used as a breakfast.

Compared to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul rents are reasonable, to help you get comfortable life without breaking the bank.

The streets are clean and airy. Car cleaning continuous operation, waste classification requirements for recycling. The brilliant garden was also created to adorn the rough work.

You’ll be sleeping on the floor as the Korean people. The houses here are equipped with a unique heating system called ondol, helps warm the room from the floor. Thanks to that the warm floor is used as a bed during the winter ideal.

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