Shimmering light festival in Japan

Second half of December each year, the festival of light was held in Kobe, Japan attracted more than 3 million visitors to visit.

One of the performances the most beautiful light in Japan will take place during the festival in Kobe Kobe Luminarie light. The event held annually from mid-December, during which the festival space attracts over 3 million visitors.

Festival of light in 1995 to commemorate the Hanshin earthquake that devastated the city of Kobe on that day 17/1 years. The earthquake is located in the northernmost island of Awaji center, 20 km from Kobe. In some places around the Kobe worst affected with 4,600 deaths in total more than 6,000 victims.

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Festival of light at the event reiterated Kobe difficult period following the Hanshin earthquake.

After the earthquake, the equipment, the fuel necessary as electricity, gas and water are damaged and disrupted, Kobe fell into destitution for many days. Later that year, the city held a festival of light as a “symbol of hope restored.”

A path from the Daimaru store in Motomachi to park next to the Council Higashi Yuenchi downtown Kobe are decorated with colored lights lot Italy by government supporters. Originally intended only take place once, however, people are encouraged to organize and turn this festival into an annual event.

Guests enjoy visiting the works were brilliantly lighted.

More than 200,000 colored lights lit during the festival every year and is maintained for about two weeks. The main street is blocked to reduce road transport during the lights, allowing residents and visitors to walk sightseeing. Previously, the festival lasts all December but then reduced the number of days because of the high cost of organizing. Today, the lamp is lit by energy-friendly environment.

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