Sightseeing attractions in romantic autumn

South Korea, Japan, Beijing, Russia, Europe … filled golden, red flowers and trees make up each level looks romantic autumn.

Autumn is considered the best season in the eyes of many people. Every time earned with cool climate, people’s hearts often feel lighter, wishes to take them off the worries chaos and take the time to enjoy life. So, in the fall, tourism demand often increases, especially foreign tourists because of the many beautiful scenery, romantic with the carpet leaves fall.

One of the sightseeing attractions are the most popular gold leaf is Korean.Beautiful autumn in Korea as in the painting “Autumn Gold” famous painter Levitan. Gold leaf markings, red leaves intertwined everywhere, along with fallen leaves beneath carpet making become romantic views and spellbinding beauties in each of autumn. Although right in the heart of Seoul, you can also admire the golden leaf tree anywhere because farmers planted a lot of bank behavior.

If you have time, especially on weekends, you can take the bus or subway to the famous mountains as Seoraksan National Park Juwangsan, national parks Naejangsan, and especially Nami Island – where spin famous film “Winter Sonata”. When to Nami, you not only get excellent romantic enchantment, but also breathing the fresh air, a quiet and peaceful absolute, far from modern life dust, hustle. And do not forget to enjoy a hot barbecue bit more pungent kimchi in the freezing air, because this would be an interesting experience made the trip more complete.


Japan Autumn brings a more colorful but also very deep as the nature of the people here. Picture a curved roof temple peeks out between the red maple leaf forest has become characteristic landscape of autumn in Japan.All the way, the phenomenon leaves change from dark green to yellow and then into red nursery will give you a sense of peace mixed with excitement.

To watch the beautiful red leaves, nowhere in Kyoto. Kyoto is inherently charming landscape where, when red leaf season is here again beauty is enhanced enormously. Not only this, it also attracted by the beauty of cultural festivals, religious rites. There is a temple Gold – Golden Pavilion with the entire surface inside and outside are covered in iridescent gold, mirrors itself on the lake waters all year round as a mirror smooth, vibrant fall colors mixed … will bring you feel lost in earthly paradise.

If you want to fully enjoy the beauty of nature in the autumn, then Beijing is also an ideal destination. Every year in the October, when every sycamore, red maple switch, mix together almond tree bank golden and shining brightly in the afternoon sun at Beijing’s pale beautiful than ever. 70km from the capital, the Wall – First galaxy wonders stand boldly challenged with time. Most beautiful part of the Great Wall is located in the district of Huairou section, named Mutianyu. Clips of this, many tourists fascinated by the graceful curves and red maple forest mountainside rising side. The famous historical buildings such as the Ming Tombs, Yiheyuan also become more beautiful when adorned by colorful fall colors.

13-10-20156-212479510-5181-1444784595 Bettertraveltips.comFall in Russia and Europe as a young woman on his jacket shirt lovely, lovely, can captivates any visitor right from the first minute.
Whenever collected, where also flooded gold color of flowers and trees. Yellow leaves rustling on every street, around the chairs covered oak in the park, adorn the Volga River, Seine River softer and do respect the beauty of the magnificent architectural buildings, the surface bearing European characteristics such as the Kremlin, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Coloseum arena …. Sightseer may feel like you are listening to the recitation of the fall, which is the maestro wind, fallen leaves are notes and hearts flutter unconsciously humming also want to release your soul was melodious.

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