Sightseeing attractions yellow autumn leaves in Seoul

Seoul romantic collection with gold leafy streets throughout the neighborhood, park, put a man on the scene ease anxiety.


The road along the palace Deoksugung

Deoksugung-gil Doldam road located next step stone wall of Deoksugung palace is the ideal place for a stroll. When the fall, as more brilliant scene with yellow fan floors chestnut leaves. Stretching over 900 meters from the palace to the theater Deokusung Jeongdong, Jeongdong-gil has many cultural monuments and museums for tourists to visit.

The surrounding attractions: Deoksugung Palace, National Museum of Contemporary Art, theater Jeongdong … Photo: Togekukai


Samcheong-dong neighborhood

The road behind Gyeongbokgung palace called Samcheongdong. Not only attract tourists by historical monuments, many tourists come here to admire the natural landscape with the bright yellow color of chestnut fan. Go along the road, you can feel the air clear crisp autumn.

Samcheong-dong is also known as the “road show” with many galleries and shops selling souvenirs. Guests can relax and shop while walking on this path.

The surrounding tourist destination: the National Folk Museum of Korea, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Hanbok village.Photo: Worldwideability


Discover mountain Seoul from South San

The road from the library Namdaemun Namsan, stretching to the hotel Grand Hyatt Seoul brings a natural setting full of fall colors. On the way up the mountain, you can look down at the bottom of the hill and the house fully admire the scenery of Seoul.

The moment the sun sets, guests can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee immersed in sunset red on forest runoff.

The tourist attraction around: Namsan Botanical Garden, Goethe, Namdaemun market. Photo: rjkoehler


Park Haneul

The road in the park redwood trees stretching over 900 meters Haneul. To reach the top, you have to climb over 290 stairs or along the winding road. From the top, visitors can zoom eye to the vast grasslands. At the receiver, the festival was held in Seoul Eulalia Haneul peaks to honor the beauty of meadows wipe. The cotton wipes, swinging in the wind like waves of silver, autumn air blows into the visitors.

The tourist attractions surrounding Park World Cup, Nanji Hangang Park. Photo: travelkorea


600 year old fortress wall Bugaksan

Bugaksan fortress wall is a famous tourist spot in Seoul. Tourists come here not only in the fall, but any time of year to enjoy the panoramic view of the city. The way the walls is a favorite walk of many locals to see the autumn leaves yellow.

Please bring identification for management area is the military side. In addition, photography is restricted here.

The surrounding attractions: Mount Bugaksan, Daelim Museum. Photo: travellandleisure

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Romantic road and bridge connecting Seoul Forest Gwangjingyo

Takraw looks connected forest area Seoul Hangang river bank is also in the list of sites selected by tourists. Way Hangang river banks with large geranium and dust reeds giving visitors a sense of peace. Photo: travelkorea


Road Nakseongdae’s Garosu-gil

Beyond Nakseongdae station, one kilometer long road called Garosu-gil lined with chestnut trees and maple leaf fan red gold. You can visit the park and walk in the mountains Nakseongdae Gwanaksan, tan, gold leaf trees and flowers poured sidewalk.

Attractions Around: Science Park Seoul, Seoul National University, the art museum … Photo: yorimcha


Seoul Grand Park

Coming here, tourists are “Extra” in the peaceful setting of forests in transition to receiver, with the scent of wood gently. This is an area with a lot of big trees like pine, yew, chestnut fan. You can also watch the animals are kept in semi-wild environment in the zoo of the park.

Attractions Around: Seoul zoo, museum of contemporary art in Seoul. Photo: thetravelsquid

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