Singapore’s red light district changed magnificent neighborhood

Keong Saik Street in Outram, who was the red light district of Singapore, now become a charming and elegant area with the presence of numerous hotels and shops.

If you call a taxi to go to Keong Saik may be the driver looked with eyes full of doubt, now it’s all different, thanks to the transformation of the city. It is located on a wide range of hotels, restaurants, cafés, tea rooms or crowded stores. The houses and shops along the city has designed, full of art deco.

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Tong Ah Eating House is the building symbolizes the architecture of 1939 the Keong Saik.Currently, it became a restaurant named quite interesting “Potato Head Folk”, which is famous for the dish made from the type of food simple but delicate and beautifully presented.

Restaurant, shops in several painted Keong Saik different colors but tastefully and harmoniously.

Right on the first floor of the store is around the patio just wider than 1 m, was turned into the dining area the romantic style.

1929 hotel award winning architectural heritage conservation URA 2003 UN peacekeeping efforts because the value of ancient monuments.

Jiak Chuan is a small lane in the city of Keong Saik but has quit the venture capital business.

The clothing stores are usually located on the 2nd floor with varied designs, eye-catching design of these types of costumes due to multiple same-ethnic living in Singapore.

If the bookie, you may visit the library at The Library. Seen from the outside, you’ll find the space it is quite small, inside a single seating placed next to full price list. The library also serves cocktails and when hungry, you don’t need to go no further, just call the map in The Study next to The Libary.

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