Skagway, between valley town snow

From Juneau – Alaska’s capital, after a night on the ship, we dock in Skagway at 7am.Now is the summer to less than a thousand people town this large number of visitors.

20160108154018-skagway--1 Bettertraveltips.comSkagway is located in a narrow valley windy

Favorite Skagway intact because the look of a Far West-style town of south-ice. Surrounding streets lined with roadside is mountainous part wood, green trees.

Nestled in a deep bay, Skagway is known as the site of the World first stop gold before entering in the Klondike gold fields (located in Canada). Time long past gold rush, but dreams do still covered intensely rich lands a mystical colors hard to resist.

Go watch the falcons

Rooted in the local Aboriginal language, the name means Skagway ball “sea change” since it is located in a narrow glacial valley, often very strong winds.

In 1896, when gold was found in the Klondike, a gold rush that transformed the gateway must Skagway. Town population can reach 30 thousand people, put Skagway become Alaska’s largest city.

Through many ups and downs, today the town is still thriving thanks to vocational tourism, hunting, fishing, salmon farming. Several local tour operators offer many programs to discover attractive as ski tour – visiting the forest for 6 hours, 12-hour hiking tour, tours and whale watching falcons 8 hours …

The first day, we decided to purchase tours and whale watching falcons with 98 USD / person.

20160108154018-skagway--2 Bettertraveltips.comMain Street in Skagway

Ships carrying tourists go whale watching runs slowly along the coast, between the white icebergs floating in the turquoise sea. In about 40 minutes by train, everyone stared into the sea but did not see whales, but just see a lot of white hair and black seagull flying over landing, sometimes covering a wide sea area.

Perhaps too spectacular scenery so nobody complains when the ship docked without seeing whales! Then everyone left the ship to go sightseeing bus falcon, to hope this time will be luckier. After an hour run between the mountains, the bus stopped at the roadside station information for visitors to see pictures about life in cold countries beasts.

Skagway , valley glaciers , Alaska , Juneau , Tagish tribeCarcross desert have these grow lush

Following guides, group walking near the mountain and take binoculars to look up to the top to see eagles because the birds often parked highest places. Look up the mountain I only see a blank white point rather clearly the shape of an eagle. Guides were assured falcon perched on top of the mountain, the white point is the early bird!

People take pictures of mountain forests and white spot on the mountain and keep out of the continent. On the way back, the car stop of Social Protection headquarters falcon guests visit a small museum full of stuffed wild animals and enjoy grilled salmon smoke free.

This regional specialty salmon is delicious fruit. On the way we saw unexpected three hawk perched on a tree, do not need binoculars to see quite clearly as well. So is temporarily satisfied with the first day!

Supply lines “dead horse trail”

20160108154221-skagway--4 Bettertraveltips.comA spectacular road

Which attracts the most tourists in Skagway’s White Pass road. Sugar White Pass and Yukon railway used to be an important part of the gold mines in the past but now only used for summer travel.

Trains though less convenient but stops at the scenic and just go to the Canadian border and back. So we bought a bus tour exploring Yukon express road remake of the old carriage road.

By car, the group was crossing the border to Canada and Alaska to the Yukon province Carcrossing in Canada. Dubbed “dead horse trail” (Dead Horse Trail), ancient White Pass road is a highway death caused dismay in winter.

To get to the gold mines, many people have to eat dead horse meat, many people fall sick or die insane … The government of Canada forced the Canadian territory in this way to bring things full 1 ton, food to prevent starvation in winter.

In the summer, along Dead Horse Trail has many beautiful landscapes. The two sides of the strip rolling pass majestic snow-capped mountains.

Many places still see traces of the gold mine. Finally, the road ends at a chain Pass lakes in the Yukon River Watershed as Lake Peak, Lake Bernard, Lake Bennett. From Lake Bennett or the nearby lake, new gold seeker boat or raft to float down the river to where the gold in Yukon around Dawson Province, Canada.

20160108154221-skagway--5 Bettertraveltips.comTrains travel to the Yukon gold mine lands

20160108154221-skagway-6 Bettertraveltips.comUnion sled dog sled dogs, transportation stayed Tagish tribe

By car, we went to the station last stop on Lake Bennett and Narest, residence of the Tagish tribe has a population of less than 300 people. After lunch with barbecue and bread yeast sour, people involved try car sled dog trip.

This is a very interesting move from the locals: people trained sled dogs run four-wheeler in the pine forest. The dog in this area is extremely astute and healthy, if every day is not sled run at least a few hours, they’ll limp and pathogenesis.

Each car has a top dog guide. Not only must understand and know all the orders of subjectivity, leading dog also has enough qualities of a captain is smart, powerful, power transformers, safe caring, protecting lives for dog group, master and passenger.

The dog was a reaction, even change direction to avoid unexpected obstacles on the road … The dog ran after complete trust and absolute obedience according to the lead.

Our car owner said that he had to run all the dogs trained tens of kilometers each day, even in times of the snowstorm. A blizzard meetings, top dog decided to return. Despite how he ordered it also refused to go forward. When I returned, then indeed it is a devastating blizzard caused the deadly disaster.

20160108154607-skagway--7 Bettertraveltips.comHo Ngoc Thach Medical beautiful as the name

In addition to dog sled, here also interesting local farms, such as long-haired dwarf horses and several small museums about Alaska wildlife. Time is limited, we have to return early because on the way there had Jade Lake and Carcross Desert.

Ho Ngoc Thach very pretty and the Carcross desert is actually a sequence of updates dunes grow lush. Listen to the tour guide told desert formerly glacial lake, after the lake dried up lake bed full of sand exposed. Today the dunes by the wind blowing from the nearby lake formed Bennett.

Before the trip, many people could not imagine that in the near arctic desert there. See Alaska Natural World – Canada’s amazing, maybe this is the new gold mine forever with time!

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