Summer Travel in Europe also need to prevent rainstorms

Summer in Europe is considered to be about time to enjoy your holiday in the world because of the weather at this time is very good. As such, the European summer tour ever is also the top choice of many people.


However, on 26 July, more heavy rain, hail, lightning and flash floods in the East and South-East of England has brought to both tourists and the tour operating company many things to keep in mind when choosing the summer tourist itineraries in Europe. The big purchase, flash floods in July has left a fairly heavy consequences, many homes had to be evacuated, most of the main roads and railway lines of Sussex, Essex and London was heavily damaged, congested traffic conditions … in the Met Office’s representative stated: “almost half the average rainfall in July put down several areas of England in just 1 hour. ” Firefighters in London also said it has helped a lot of people have been trapped in cars in the capital. Most of the services of the railway network also said many trains canceled postponed due to the effects of rain storms, but the ride will also quickly remedied sooner to serve passengers. However, the route to Brighton still are being withdrawn due to floods in the MTR.

European travel

Status of July shows, summer rain storms have also caused great impact for the tourism industry of the region, by most of the online traffic in the region nearly paralyzed. This unusual situation more or less adverse impact on soloEuropean tour. However, not so that the tourists missed spotting European summer charm. To protect this unusual circumstances when European travel, you should prepare suitable as can enjoy his trip. For example, you should bring waterproof backpacks, raincoats, shoes, slip, etc. Erratic weather sometimes unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare those things necessary to ensure for the trip. A few other notes entertainment events, useful for your trip is, if its properly on rainy, it’s best not to swim or spend the night in addition to tents, etc.Climbing these days is also very dangerous because the slipway, land, stone cold, … so should avoid these activities when the weather is bad.

In addition to those noted above, you should also have a backup plan when traveling as should bring a log book of addresses and phone numbers of hotels, holiday homes in the area to prevent change of accommodation. Erratic rain storms in situations you can still find safe shelter. Hopefully with a little experience is helpful as above, you will be more secure with the European tour in the summer of his.

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