Super villa ‘semi-submersible’ at sea intended for people ‘super-rich’

The Super villas constructing at the shore of the Arabian Gulf in Dubai. In particular, they did not lay by the ocean waves and can move to another place.


For many years, Dubai became the country of wonders with you shifang. It is famous by its wealth, lavish of a city with many artificial works admirably. “Luxury city” for the world many times created the new record amazing world.

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Panoramic view of the Villa half semi-submersible floating on the sea

20150513103815-sieu-biet-thu-nua-noi-nua-chim-tren-bien-danh-cho-gioi-sieu-giau-travelt-21st floor villa located entirely below sea level. Around the artificial reefs

Recently, the Kleindienst Group scheduled 42 floating villas Floating Seahorse built on the shore of the Arabian Gulf in Dubai. Immediate project received special attention from the proposed conclusions.

20150513103815-sieu-biet-thu-nua-noi-nua-chim-tren-bien-danh-cho-gioi-sieu-giau-travelt-3All rooms are designed in the 1st floor

20150513103852-sieu-biet-thu-nua-noi-nua-chim-tren-bien-danh-cho-gioi-sieu-giau-travelt-4Space the ideal bath oceanfront

Expected, each villa is divided into 3 floors with floor sunk below the sea surface, level 2 and level 3 above. In particular, they are not affected by the waves and can move to another place.


Bathroom, kitchen, wet bar, master bedroom is designed in the first floor. As a result, the owner of comfort to relax, take in the artificial reefs outside.


Josef Kleindienst, ceo of the Kleindienst Group said: “after a long time of research and design, eventually floating villas project was officially launched in Dubai.” He was also confident the project would bring the standards of luxury living for the upper classes all over the world.

Reportedly, the floating villas will be “unveiled” in 2016. The price of each unit has not yet been revealed.

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