Sydney Opera House – Symbols of Australia beautiful country

During these trips abroad , almost if it comes to Egypt who ruled over must also think of the pyramid, said the Italian League is to remind the Golden Colosseum and referred to Australia, you’re sure to have the oysters.

The shell can be seen as a great masterpiece that you can’t skip upon arrival in Australia. Indeed! This is the work that Australians are proud to introduce to friends in Europe.

Australia, Australian travel, Australian attractionsThe oysters are an Australian attractions developmentally about culture and art has tremendous meaning, that anyone visiting to all can sense the palpable. To get a structure like that to mention the House architect Jorn Utzon, who was instrumental in the construction of the Sydney Opera House shell construction. In countless ideas competed to design the Sydne y, Jorn Utzon’s design was made by the organizers by meaning, conformity and its unique features.And then the process is built. The construction process takes place for 18 years, three different stages with the expense more than 102 million Australian dollars. Inside the theatre there are 1,000 major rooms, including 3 major room types: concert halls, opera houses, theaters. Along with many changes, in 1966, the architect Jorn Utzon was manually drawn from list building. Since then, the American architect of the rest has changed some of the details. Can be said to have been magnificent work like today, people have used over 1 million member white glazed granite tile imported from Sweden, glass plate with 6,225 square meters, 645 km power cables along with a multitude of materials such as wood and coal rose granite taken from NewSouth Wales to decorate. Plus a multitude of exciting activities have taken place in this theatre should be viewed as shell’s Australian Art Centre with approximately 2,000 performances each year.Although it is early morning dawn, if you would like to welcome a new day in the frame of a great masterpiece works, or coming to the theatre when the night begins to shake down, the image Theatre Sydney shell always beautiful in the eyes of the people. For more than 40 years long behind đẵng, but the oysters Sydney still easy to follow how your heart must be sobbing.

Australian travel always more fun when you visit Sydney shell theatre. All special things will be revealed even clearer when you are touching a magnificent masterpiece of Australia, or enjoy the sounds are stored up in the theater, or just take in the theatre in every variation of the day from dawn to dusk.

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