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TripAdvisor has announced the list of tourist destinations voted most. Among them many new names appears usurpation of familiar landmarks before.

Tulum, Mexico


In Tulum, Mexico, guests can relax on pristine beaches, explore the top restaurants, shops and clubs on the sea. You can also participate in activities such as swimming attractive stunning views, snorkelling or visit ancient Mayan ruins.

Cartagena, Colombia


Situated on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, Cartagena possesses beautiful beaches and ancient town where the alley strewn with stones, cathedral and the ancient walls … It is a UNESCO Heritage world. You can go straight to Bocagrande to enter the premium coffee shop, or stop at the outdoor bar to enjoy a bit of pastry.

Porto, Portugal


Porto is like out of a dream with colorful architecture, medieval monuments, magnificent churches and steeples. Porto draws romantic riverside hut, the wine cellar and many vibrant music venues.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, United States


Situated in a national park Great Smoky Mountains – where Americans are the most frequent, Gatlinburg possesses many interesting sights. In particular, the Downtown Parkway is home to signature cuisine restaurant and shopping outlets located in tandem.

Moscow, Russia


Antique and modern styles mix together when you walk through the Kremlin and Red Square.Tourists to Moscow can choose whether the program of world-class art like ballet or gathered at the nightclub diverse topics ranging from retro to indie.

Brighton, UK


With famous beaches, pier and road cycling bustling Brighton a destination with stunning architecture and peaceful countryside. In summer, this place will boom with nightlife, festivals, shopping activities …

New Delhi, India


Based on the data of TripAdvisor, New Delhi have increased the number of tourists booking 28% each year. The tree-lined streets with monuments like Jantar Mantar, sundial, astronomical instruments … attracted many tourists visit.

Banff, Canada


Located in Banff National Park of Canada, this is the place to beautiful landscapes, luxury lodge and the ski resort has launched. With hundreds of restaurants, arts scene, shopping, guests can relax in the middle of spectacular natural here.

Lima, Peru


Lima is considered the home of the scenic park, far, far sight beaches, art galleries modern, stylish home base development as well as the finest dining venues in the world …

Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil

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Is home to more than 200 waterfalls, suitable for watching from above by helicopter, road or on ships.

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