The fantastic tourist destinations in the Winter

To feel the cold really you should backpack up and carried to the new land to the countries you can touch the snow, or join amazing ice festival.

Seoul – Dream Snow White

If you miss a romantic collection with Seoul on the leafy streets of gold, Seoul will welcome winter with a snowy landscape is white, exquisite beauty and splendid as a queen. You can participate in mountain ski Deogyusan, year-round mountain covered with snow, or try ice skating outdoor feeling in Seoul square with romantic atmosphere in Korean dramas. In particular, try a dip in the hot water tank of Jjim-JIL-bang, a type of sauna (sauna) characterize public cultural beauty of Korean tradition.

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Skiing in the mountains Deogyusan. Photo: VisitKorea.

South Korea is a place attractive shopping with 3 famous bazaar: Myeongdong, Namdeamun, and Dongdeamun focus of fashion brands, cosmetics and familiar as The Faceshop, Innisfree … with no price and affordable than buying in Vietnam. The interesting point of kimchi are you just change a little money won, the rest can spend international credit cards for the majority of shops, eateries here are equipped with POS.

By the night watching the sun Norway, joined the ice festival

Travel Norway in recent years attracted a lot of tourists coming for skiing, hiking, or simply watch the “night sun” because sunlight shines almost 20 hours a day. The most amazing thing is you have the opportunity to watch auroras from night until dawn – a beautiful picture of nature and rare. Auroras is an optical phenomenon, characterized by a complete expression of light colors in the sky at night. They are generated by the interaction of charged particles from the solar wind with the upper layer of the atmosphere.

20151104163654--2 Bettertraveltips.comBeautiful aurora on the night in Norway. Photo: Arcticjournal.

Winter came on the Kingdom of Norway, you can not miss the opportunity to participate in the Telemark festival band. This place has many icebergs. When freezing down, they form huge ice walls clinging to the mountainside, attract climbers to the festival.

There is also a waterfall freezing cold Rjukan have most of the world. You will be participating in the festival gingerbread, festive music on tape or a lot of winter fair.

20151104163654--3 Bettertraveltips.comIce Festival in the Kingdom of Norway. Photo: Visitnorway.

Hongkong – Bustling welcome spring in Hong Kong

Visit this special administrative region, visitors will feel the excitement of a modern city. In particular, the fireworks at Victoria Harbour in the Lunar New Year is the symphony of light like stained whole city, making Hong Kong more sparkling and magical at night.

Dubbed “the leading shopping haven in Asia”, Hong Kong provides the absolute satisfaction of the believers tourism. May and December are the biggest sale of the year occasion.

If you want to hunt for discount, go to parks Granville Road, Causeway Bay – where gathers many high-end fashion brands or to Temple Market, the famous night market often appear in the TVB drama. Do not forget to use credit cards to shop in the mall, and take advantage of bonus points accumulated utility of the card to get a refund and the opportunity to receive attractive gifts from the bank.

20151104163750--4 Bettertraveltips.comFireworks magnificent scenery in Victoria harbor in Eve. Photo: Hebei.

Chicago, USA – Feeling adventurous

Select US tour, you do not ignore the feeling chilly interesting and mesmerizing beauty of the buildings in Chicago. You will experience high standing in a glass frame 103 th floor observation of Willis Tower building 442 meters high.

Next, you will be returned to prehistoric entering the Natural History museum. The evidence of ancient life of the earth have been kept through the dinosaur skeleton, bone or animal bone fossils were discovered in the United States.

20151104163750--5 Bettertraveltips.comThe door of the sky. Photo: Chicagolymphoma.

Leaving the museum, you will discover sculptures to a famous art has attracted millions of people around the world is Cloud Gate in Millennium Park. When looking at this masterpiece, you will see the whole sky is reflected inside. That’s why this place called Cloud Gate (Gate Cloud), symbolizing the link gate to the clouds above it. Outside are the iron pieces welded together, then sanded and polished the spot welding together pieces of iron till it as a mirror.

Boracay – wonderlands in earth

Boracay is a small island close to the capital of the Philippines Manila 300 km south. You can book a round-trip airline tickets to Manila around 5 million, then for domestic flights from Manila to Boracay additional 1 hour. You should use an international credit card to pay online, either quickly placeholder, just enjoy preferential rates in the bank’s promotions.

20151104163750--6 Bettertraveltips.comBoracay Island. Photo:

When to Boracay, you will definitely not be missed seafood, especially lobster and not too expensive. You can directly enter D’talipapa seafood market, shopping, restaurant cooked through and enjoy seafood right on the beach. Besides swimming, you can book a tour around the island – Hoping Island, cost about 1500-1800 pesos a person (750000-900000 copper).With this tour package, you will be off to dive, eat a lunch and visit the islets as Magic Island, Crocodile, Crystal Cove in about 4-5 hours.

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