The great location to watch the sunset in Hong Kong

Star Ferry, Sky 100, Pacific summit, … are places steeped windswept and sun, to enjoy your last moments unforgettable day in Hong Kong .

Star Ferry


When traveling to Hong Kong, not a traveler who wants to miss the chance to visit the Star Ferry, since it not only impressed with the culture, the history of Hong Kong bold but also a place unique scenic incomparable. Ferry schedules are often run between Hong Kong island and Kowloon, will take visitors admire the impressive skyline, especially at sunset, and see the whole city landscape.

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Sky 100

Situated on 100 floors of the tallest building in Hong Kong, Sky 100 gives visitors a 360-degree viewing angle the highest in the city. Top Sky 100 by high-speed elevator ride (only takes 60 seconds). In addition to watching the sunset, visitors can learn about the history and culture of Hong Kong through art galleries in town.

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Peak Pacific

Pacific Mountain is a great place for sightseeing in Hong Kong. It was developed as a hill resort and Peak Tramway railway to link the city. Standing on top of the mountain, you can record images of skyscrapers and Victoria Harbour lights flickered as up. If you arrive early, you can capture photos glorious sunset when sunlight strikes gold, reflecting on the glass panel of the buildings and on the sea.

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Center for Central Plaza

This is the 3rd tallest building in Hong Kong and giving visitors a new perspective from the higher skyscraper blocks. Finding an ideal location on the top floor of this building, visitors will see the best scenery of the city 360 degrees. Also, tourists come here to observe the architecture and modern design in the center.

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Infinity pool of the InterContinental Hotel

A dip in the hotel pool, InterContinental is not cheap, unless you are a tenant of the hotel room or a client of the spa here. But “what you pay for”, here, you are immersed in a perfect setting right in the middle of Victoria Harbour with three infinity pools are maintained at different temperatures and water flow in the pool looks like flowing straight into the sea.

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Aqua Spirit, Hong Kong

Located in Building One Peking, Aqua Spirit bar overlooking the port setting and famous skyline. Besides looking at sunset, it also is an ideal spot to enjoy a performance of “Symphony Light” brilliant of Hong Kong in the evening. In addition, Aqua Spirit also attract with attractive cocktails and famous DJs.

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