The ideal locations for sightseeing in Hong Kong

Tott’s & Roof Terrace, Ritz Carlton or Aqua Spirit is the ideal place for you to admire the panoramic view of Hong Kong as suggested by Skyscanner.

By Harlan Goldstein 1. Penthouse

Located in the 30th floor of Soundwill Plaza, this restaurant has spectacular views of the harbor from floors 30. Inspired by the luxurious style of New York, this restaurant is run by famous chef Harlan Goldstein .


Guests will have the opportunity to just enjoy the amazing food, sightseeing Hong Kong at night when you come here.

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2. Tott’s & Roof Terrace

Located on the top floor of the Hotel Excelsior, Tott’s & Roof Terrace has wide views of Victoria Harbour and skyline of Hong Kong the distance. With modern décor, menu variety, soothing music, delicious cocktails, wine class nowhere more ideal sightseeing in Hong Kong Tott’s & Roof Terrace.

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3. Ritz Carlton

Located at the center of international trade in Hong Kong, Ritz Carlton is currently the world’s tallest hotel. Situated at an altitude of 490m compared with Victoria harbor, from the hotel guests will have a 360-degree view of the entire city and the surrounding islands. In particular, the rooms are decorated with interesting details and unique like a telescope. Also, at the Ritz Carlton Ozone also has a bar, one of the world’s highest bar with a dining room is designed in the theme of chocolate is ‘Chocolate Library’.

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4. Aqua Spirit

This restaurant is located on the 29th floor of One Peking building, gives diners an ideal location for sightseeing Hong Kong from above. In addition, the menu includes a very rich food full of Asian and European famous pasta, sushi with a very unique flavor that you can not find in any other place. On the weekends, this place is very crowded, so it’s best to arrive early line up to get a base for sightseeing Hong Kong.

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5. Sugar Bar

Located on the 32nd floor of the hotel EAST, Sugar Bar offers lovely views of Victoria Harbour.The space of the restaurant is designed to be simple yet sophisticated atmosphere create comfort and relaxation for guests while there. Sugar Bar which is open from 5 pm to 2 am with a delicious cocktail and music performances lively famous DJs. In particular, those who are 18 years old are allowed in Sugar Bar.

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6. Mountain Pacific

Peak Pacific (Victoria Peak), located 552m high in The Peak, Hong Kong Island and between the Mekong, called Queen Victoria of England. This is considered a scenic location ideal Hong Kong. Views from the summit are very impressed with the bottom of the bay was the scene of Victoria, the Central and Kowloon Peninsula with many skyscrapers and the distance through the bustling boats.

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