The ideal venue to visit in Tokyo in the autumn

In addition to being the capital of Japan, Tokyo has many ideal locations for those who prefer romantic atmosphere and peaceful to watch the autumn.

Showa Kinen Park

Located in Tachikawa, Tokyo a 30-minute train ride, Showa Kinen Park is to attract more tourists in autumn.

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Each season Showa Kinen to seduce tourists with a different flower color. Showa Kinen If you come in the spring, you will admire the tulips are blooming carpet brilliant. But if you come here in autumn, you will see a picture of extremely poetic and romantic as the movies with full road test different ginkgo leaf transformation rather bright yellow color.

Garden Rikugien

In the fall, the trees in the garden began to turn color Rikugien, landscape engulfed in ravishing color collection. Specifically, the peak season usually more Rikugien lighting equipment in the evening to cater to tourists sightseeing. Visit Rikugien, you can walk to the bridge Togetsukyo located in the Northwest, this is the most convenient location to enjoy the panoramic views in Rikugien autumn.


Icho Namiki Avenue

Located in the park Gaien Meiji Jingu, which is known as the heart of Tokyo, Icho Namiki in revenues don their bright yellow wing with ginkgo trees stretching enchanting landscape which visitors have a chance visit come here.


Koishikawa Korakuen Garden

Although located next to the entertainment complex central Tokyo Dome City Crowded but Koishikawa Korakuen back nestled like an oasis of tranquility. This is considered the oldest gardens in Japan. Koishikawa Korakuen campus has a lot of plants on the season, the abstract sculpture and a blue lake in the heart of the garden.

If you come here in the spring, visitors can enjoy flowering apricot, cherry and of course if to fall you will admire the splendid scenery of the birch tree instead of leaf season.


Mount Mitake

Mitake is located in a national park Chichibu-Tam-Kai spanning approximately 1,200 km 2located in four districts of Yamanashi, Saitama, Nagano and Tokyo. From central Tokyo it will take about 75 minutes by tram to get to Mitake but in return you will get to breathe fresh air and immersed in red space of deciduous trees to begin to collect.


Mount Takao

Though not as famous as Mount Takao Mount Fuji but is regarded as Japan’s most sacred mountain. Takao has a height of about 600m, during the climb up the mountain, visitors can admire many different beauty and change over four seasons.


Mount Takao is also weekends familiar destination of people of the capital and is fairyland for those who love hiking, mountain biking and many other adventure sports.

tourism Japan , Japan , Tokyo , autumn

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