The interesting thing about the London Eye

As the 4th cycle of the world, the London Eye is sometimes chosen as the site many suitors and weddings, even becoming a restaurant on festival occasions.

With 135 m height, the London Eye is currently the 4th largest turnover in the world but not in the top 20 tallest building in London.


Taking 30 minutes to run a round of the London Eye and it moves at a speed of 0.9 km / h.

David Marks couples and Julia Barfield proposed the idea of building the London Eye in a competition to design new works celebrating the millennium in 1993. The contest bust but the idea of Marks Barfield became famous and round filming was opened on 09/03/2000 despite delays due to technical reasons.

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London Eye observation wheel.

With more than 3.5 million players each year, the London Eye is currently the attractions to buy tickets the most visited tourist attraction in the UK.Also free attractions is the most popular British Museum with over 6 million visitors each year.

In Britain, Kate Moss is the star most London Eye experience with 25 laps.But the star of this American record holder Jessica Alba with 31 times.

London Eye has 32 ​​cabins (symbolizing the 32 districts of the city), but they are numbered from 1 to 33. There is no cabin 13 so this is the unlucky number.

Complete rotation heavier London 1000 tonnes, worth a million pounds.Before the assembly in its current position, the parts of the London Eye is focused and moved up eight temporary island on the Thames. However, in the course of construction, a cabin before the broken and must be raised instead.

A special thing than the London Eye wheel in the world is that it has only one side is supported. Around the same texture as Orlando Eye opened in the summer of this year.

More than 5,000 people were engaged on the London Eye since opening until now. If you want to do the same in a separate cabin will cost about 559 USD, which includes champagne. More than 500 weddings are also held here, and the first marriage ceremony took place in 2001.

At a time of festivals in London restaurants, the rotation turns into a place to eat on high. The celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Daniel Boulud for a meal at one of the cabins for 10 patrons.

There are few people who climb this cycle. Magician magician David Blaine in 2003 represented a cabin standing atop the London Eye turning right in a row. In 2004, a man dressed as Spiderman and climbed for 18 hours here to call attention to the right to a father in Britain.

On paper, sticks selfie allowed to use the London Eye although they are banned in many other attractions such as the National Gallery of Art and Wembley Arena.

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