The most 9 attractive destinations in 2016

The Louvre Abu Dhabi, parks and resorts Dubai World or Disneyland Shanghai were opened to visitors on tour this year.


Louvre Abu Dhabi (UAE)

After a delay, the art museum, the Louvre Abu Dhabi and finishing and opening in late 2016. Inside the dome structure of the museum is more than 6,000 m2 for permanent exhibits and over 2,000 m2 to do art exhibitions.


Disneyland Shanghai (China)

The celebrity favorite the world of Disney will appear in China in early 2016 when the Shanghai Disneyland opened.Amusement Park will have six bay area including treasure (Treasure Cove) was inspired and inspiration from “Pirates of the Caribbean”.


Parks and resorts Dubai (UAE)

Arid desert recreation park resort combined with built up area of ​​2.3 million m2. At this point you’ll be living in the same location to build the context of Hollywood blockbusters, Bollywood as The Hunger Games, Shrek … World entertainment and resort will open on May 10/2016.



In San Francisco, on 05/14/2016 SFMOMA museum of modern art America’s wide open door. This 10-storey buildings as well as the largest center of American photography when there are 260 works from the Fisher Collection (Collection largest private contemporary art) and more than 600 works of other solutions. SFMOMA expected to open free for under-18s and has its own area of ​​4,100 m2 to visitors free.


Ark Encounter (USA)

This is a theme park entertainment help guests also find out more about the creativity, invention lies in the state of Kentucky. Ark Encounter open on 07.07.2016 in the shape of the boat known as Noah’s largest wooden structures in the world. Those who invest and create works of Ark Encounter hope to reach 1.6 million visitors in its first year.

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Live Barling Harbour (Australia)

Coastal city of Sydney in 2016 will attract more visitors thanks to Darling Harbour Live. This is a construction project includes hall, the exhibition center with modern facilities and a largest luxury hotel Sydney. The project has both named Darling Square area will become residential, office and a variety shops and cafes.


Doha Festival City (Qatar)

Doha Festival City will include 550 shops and 100 cafes and restaurants, a hotel, a convention center and two recreational areas. In addition, the consortium also has an outdoor amusement park and an indoor snow park catering for people who like skiing, riding snow. Doha Festival City is anticipated to open in March 9/2016.


Museum Palestinian (Palestine)

Palestinian Museum is located on a terraced hill in the West Bank (West Bank), the territory is landlocked in the Middle East, in the Palestinian territories, north of Jerusalem. Expected to open on 15.5.2016, with an area of ​​nearly 40,000 m2, the museum’s greatest works exclusively for the operation of displaying and preserving culture and art of the Palestinians.


FIFA Football Museum (Switzerland)

In early 2016, the sports fans can not ignore one king attractions located in the city of Zurich, Switzerland. It’s FIFA soccer museum, including the building of more than 1,000 artifacts on display on football.

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