The most attractive destination in Sydney

Sydney has many fun place attracts tourists, including those where both cheap and beautiful, very suitable for people traveling self.

Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House is always the number one destination for those who to this city in particular and Australia in general, especially with the first.


Opera House is the symbol of the country south of this hemisphere. Of course you can only tour around. Want to go inside to enjoy the program or work of art, it would be very costly.

Along with Opera’s Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is also the symbol of the city. Special Bridge shimmering at night, with the help of electronic light. Sydney Harbour Bridge more unique you can split to passing ships. Walking on the bridge watching the Opera, sunset will be an unforgettable experience for tourists.

Royal Botanical Garden

Unlike other botanical gardens around the world, botanic gardens in Sydney free admission and the number of plant species is huge. If talking about the species living in the desert, then here, the variety is almost the world number one. You can see trees with bizarre shapes, the plant had not ever heard of. Because of his great experience, for free, so you do not ignore.

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Art exhibit New South Wales

This is also a place could not come at Sydney. Inaugurated in 1897, the painting exhibition of New South Wales hundreds of years is always showcase the great work. Many large exhibitions are also held regularly here. You will not spend money for the common exhibition.And on special occasions, entrance tickets will be sold at the price is not cheap.

Customs House

This is the house was built during the British began arriving in Australia. With over 200 years of age (from 1788), Customs House deserves a symbol for the ancient features of Sydney rare. It is now the library. But visitors to the Customs House not only because of its ancient features and also because of the artistic value. At night, with colorful paintings show up outside, Customs House truly become an icon of Sydney’s colors.

Eating in Chinatown


In any trips, food is indispensable. In Sydney, you go to Chinatown. To the East and Southeast Asia, Chinese cuisine is quite familiar. Therefore, many tourists can not miss this place.Besides consistent taste, it is also the preferred destination for a very affordable price.

Visit the museums

In Sydney, there are many museums can give you interesting knowledge about the past, in particular the history of Sydney and Australia in general. This is where you can rest after a long journey. Nicholson museum will not charge admission. While the National Museum, Museum of Contemporary Painting and Oceanographic Institution collected only very affordable fares, from 6.5 to 12 dollars for one-time entrance.

Stargazing through telescopes

For most people, being at the sky with the stars sparkling in the telescope is a luxury experience. But in Sydney, it is quite easy. Sydney Observatory, takes about 15 USD, you can do this. In addition you also get to visit the area of ​​research, filming the stars of the Sydney Observatory.

Bathing at Manly


Manly Beach is one of Sydney’s pride. Those who are looking to Sydney almost to Manly. Long sandy beaches, clean sea water and blue skies will bring you great moments.

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