The most unique old quarter Morocco

Besides watching year-round snow-capped Atlas range, admire the unique architecture of the mosque, tourists often spend more time exploring the area medina in Morocco bulky.

Medina is the old town with walled. In Morocco, every city medina district formed from hundreds to thousands of years ago. Here is where we live, work, markets traded the local produce, the crafts village unique is formed in this region and is divided by region as carvings wood, leather, votive, row Bronze …


Tangier: Tangier is a city north of the kingdom of Morocco, located on the North African coast in the west, where the border between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic in the nose Spartel.Tangier is the gateway city to attract European tourists visiting Morocco country. It has a seaport system power slam and ferries connecting Morocco and Spain.


Tangier medina system soon formed to serve the local trade and international. Western tourists often to buy these items in traditional Moroccan Quarter was built in 1889.


Chefchaouen Medina of Chefchaouen is the most unique old town by the green world charm, hauntingly homes of Jewish settlers from the 30s of last century. Today, the entire town is painted a beautiful blue color, especially in the light of dawn.


Both cities were dyed blue. When looking at this color, people here will think about color heaven, where God reigns in heaven. Medina in Chefchaouen today is a point not to be missed by tourists traveling Morocco.


Fes: Tourists want to learn about a culture, they often come to the market because it reflects where the most obvious things as lifestyle, culture, customs, people, costumes, cuisine … Fes el Bali (old district) therefore always be the top destination for any traveler arriving home stock market is a UNESCO world heritage site in 1981 this. Be careful because you can get lost here.


Fes is considered the “Mecca of the West” or “Athens of Africa” ​​with the only strong growth in the past of the city in many ways. With about 160,000 people living and working in the medina, maybe this is the largest urban center in the world using only rudimentary means of transportation such as horses, donkeys, mules, bicycles or motorcycle .. .

Last in the narrow alleys, visitors easily find the tanneries craft colorful and unforgettable scent.This is the famous handicraft and historic ancient Fes. Fes tourists are keen to learn the craft of tanning and some leather products are sold very unique and varied.


Marrakech: Medina in Marrakech is always top tourist destination when visiting Morocco.Usually you’ll select the hotel is located in the old town area covered 9 km wall with the purchase of a bustling market area throughout the night.

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Jemaa el Fna On the front common area of ​​Marrakech, guests have the opportunity to see the street storyteller, snake charmer, filter carts passenger pile, the unique stroller sell fresh orange juice, dishes ê traditional food sold in markets not. Goods from clothing, leather, spices, food, jewelry, handicrafts, carpets, chandeliers … all over the old town style colorful Middle Eastern mystic.


Meknes: Meknes is one of four famous tourist city of Morocco. Meknes was the capital under the reign of Moulay Ismail (1672-1727), before being moved the capital to Marrakech. The city has preserved architecture Spain and Morocco style is impressive. Surrounding the city are high walls with great gates. It has many historical sites such as mosques and squares. The stock market attracted many tourists to visit.


Like every other old town, medina here is tangled alleys with all kinds of shops. Medina in Meknes is 1 in 5 world heritage site by UNESCO, along with the medina in Fez city, Marrakech, Essaouira Tétouan and ….

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